Monday, April 4, 2016

"Oh. He-the Savior-did this just for me".....2124.60 miles walked in Paraguay

What a great week it was because of general conference! It is amazing how i have grown to love these weekends so much! A chance to listen to our prophet, Thomas S. Monson (though not too long) and apostles. First of all, I love our dear prophet and I sustain him as did you all, as the prophet of God who leads and guides this church on the earth today, as directed by Christ himself. Though his health worries me, his messages strengthen me. And his message Sunday morning is where I want to start-1 of the overall summaries I took away from conference this week-choices. Just like Alice in Wonderland, we all have choices to make. Unlike her, we know where we want to go. My choices, every choice I make should be on course with the path I have chosen and my goal which is eternal life with my Father in Heaven, my Savior, and my family.

I loved Henry B Eyring´s talk to open the conference. It let me begin with a choice. I had the choice, all of us had the choice to open our hearts, listen to the talks, and find the answers to our prayers. As Sister Durham described the pretty dark and dreary story of the man swimming in the lake with us daughter, nearly drowning (and did anyone else notice she told the story with a smile the whole time? We were laughing at that with the english missionaries haha) I have a choice, all of us have a choice to take off our "heavy shoes" or sins and stay afloat to swim to the end or eternal life. I have a choice, all of us have the choice to attend the temple. 150 temples now! Wow! Each and every one there to help us grow and receive the blessings God has for us. I have a choice, all of us have the choice, to remember who are, as Elder Renlund stated, the "Ultimate Givers". Think of it, God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son. "Oh. He-the Savior- did this just for me". He gave His life for us. As he continued talking about life, it isnt fair. And how lucky are we life is not fair! Luckily, Christ suffered to conquer the laws of justice. Luckily, mercy will save us from what a just and fair life would bring and luckily, because of His resurrection, we will all be resurrected! 

I know it. Do I believe it? I loved Bonnie Oscarson´s message. We, as members of this church, know so many truths. It is more than just a church or a nice place to gather Sunday mornings, but through the priesthood authority, we have the saving ordinances of the gospel that no other church has. The authority is key. I have a choice, we all have the choice to make, to believe. "Faith over doubt." And to answer the question above: yes, I believe. I truly believe "There is no life so shattered it cannot be rebuilt". (Uchtdorf) I believe I have the choice to receive personal revelation. I believe in the blessings that we can receive through the temple. I believe God is love. I believe "some things and basic questions can only be resolved by faith". (Oaks) I believe the Resurrection is the "greatest event of all time". (Hinkley...kind of) I believe we (to priesthood holders) need to develop spiritual gifts to play the "divine role of men of God" Elder Nelson promised us we could be. "The great thing about the gospel is we get credit for trying even if we don´t succeed...The Lord blesses those who want to improve". (Holland) I believe that. I believe that my Dad and Mom are the best parents in the world. And most of all, I know Christ is our Savior and He lives. 

Elder Zaugg

1. Hma Perla came down to see me! shes so great! 
2. we made some mexican chicken soup. so spicy and so good.

3. souvenirs from Brazil thanks to one of the members, Alice. she loves the missionaries and always gives us snacks and stuff.

Step Stats:

105851 steps

Hermana Perla from Pedro Juan Caballero

Mexican Soup

Alice brought us a boat and a shell from Brazil Camboriu 

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