Saturday, May 28, 2016

Italian Job

Lets get to the point. I almost got robbed this week. But its chill. We all good thanks to the Holy Ghost. 

So. Being the financiero of the mission, I get to go to the bank and get the money. Well, Ill give you some details. The bank has no parking, so we just have to find parking in these small one way streets. But, lucky for us, there are parking spots 3 blocks away so we always park there. We kind of just head there because we know there will be parking. Well, there are always 2 or more homeless guys that hang out pretty close to where we park, always. But we never thought anything about it. So anyways, back to the story.

At about 7is that morning, as we were at home, all of a sudden I thought, "Maybe we should park somewhere else so it isn't a routine!" But, I didn't think anything of it. So, later that morning we went to the bank, followed the same route looking for parking, couldn't find any parking before we got to the .......... so we parked there, I didn't remember the thought I had that morning. Sure enough, the 2 homeless guys were there. So, we walked to the bank. On the way back from the bank, I randomly decided to close the bag with the money tighter with more straps. Then, as we turn the corner, the homeless guy and I make direct eye contact, and immediately I had the deepest sickest feeling over my whole body. I knew at that moment, before he even did anything, that he was up to something. So, I decided not to cross the street and just keep walking. He took his eye off us for only a couple seconds as he reached to his friend to get something out of his hoodie. It was probably a bazooka or something. Maybe a flamethrower, who knows. Point of the story is it wasn't a candy bar. Then he walked in front of the car, so the only way we would get to the car was if we went through him. My comp started walking across the street, and I eventually just had to yell at him and get him back over and we kept on walking by the car and didn't stop. As soon as we got past the car, he gave off a big shrug and turned around and walked back to his friend. We didn't know how we would get home, but we eventually walked to the hospital and waited with the E. Bickley. 

And then, they homeless guys came into the hospital with machine guns and.......

no im just kidding, once we got to the hospital it was all safe and sound. Sorry if you were expecting a better story, but hey, it was super intense in the moment. Moral of the story is I know without a doubt that the Holy Ghost is REAL. I know without a doubt the Heavenly Father was protecting me this week. I was honestly wondering if I was receiving the same spiritual guidance in this new calling I have, and I got a confirmation this week that He is with me. Heavenly Father will always protect and guide us in our lives, and direct our paths. The Holy Ghost usually doesn't speak in a super loud voice, like the first prompting I received that morning. "Maybe we should park in a different spot." Unfortunately, I didn't pay too much attention to that when the time to park came. I completely forgot about it. But when I turned that corner, it wasn't a still small voice that warned me. Luckily, Heavenly Father communicated with me in a more urgent way. And that is what is awesome to know. When the Holy Ghost prompts us to do something, it is our Heavenly Father speaking to us. 

Elder Zaugg

1. nene malo
2. classic Paraguay. classic.

3. Asuncion

 (My mom requested to see lots of pictures of Paraguay, so here you go!)

Elder Bickley and Elder Ramirez...the APs. I love these guys man!

My Driver's License...I can drive a stick shift now Cutter!!!

A favorite P-day lunch!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Jesus Christ

mbaetecopio familia y amigos?!

Twas another swell week. For starters, we had a bunch of missionarries staying in our house this week so we had some rad 5amsoccer games this week! So much funnn.

I learned that Asuncion is an actual city. They actually have a downtown and it actually looks cool. Who would have known. The other mission in Paraguay has basically all the tourist sites and such, but this week, being in the office had its perks. We went and got the mail in down town Asuncion and it had such a dope city landscape, but i forgot my camera:/  Don`t worry, ill get a pic the next time!
Oh. and last Sunday, Familia Vindroff gave us lunch, an American family in our ward that works in the embassy. Shout out to them for saving Mission Corn Tortillas from the states. (corn tortillas dont exist here) So we had tacos. I was so happy, she made reg. tortillas for everyone, and a couple corn tortillas for me. So i ate 8 tacos....... :) I was pumped before and plump afterwords.

We had another awesome lesson, explaining the need for prophets in this world and how Christ established His church when He was on the Earth with Familia Quinde! And they have baptism dates in June! Super exciting! I love this family! Ill take pics of them so you all can see. Sorry I dont have pics yet mom....

Hablando of Christ`s life. How lucky are we to have the sciptures to read of His life. I mean, we have Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John that just solely talk about Him. We have a direct source to learn from the most perfect human being to ever live. Now I know many of you don`t like to read (other than what is on Instagram....but really most of you dont even read that, just look at the pics). You see, the church leaders are so supper smart that we have videos of Christ`s life that are amazing. I didnt know they existed before the mission, but they do and they portray His life, His teachings, His mercy and forgiveness perfectly. You dont have to read anything, just watch a 3 minute clip and learn from Christ. He is OUR Savior and has shown us the way to live, the way to receive forgiveness, the way to forgive, the way to teach, the way to serve, the way to love, the way to listen, the way to walk. May we walk in His footsteps each and every day, and I know for a fact our lives will improve, no matter if you cant imagine your life better right now. 


Im not sure on the order, but heres the 5amsoccer games and my birthday celebration birthday that happened a month ago but we didnt have time to make a gf cake yet.

also CHIPA. i love chipa. its made of almidon, or mandioka starch. its so great, and so amazing. this was a huge one we bought the other day haha. 

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Semana 46


This week, we taught the "P" family again, and as we were teaching them, 2 people walked in and both times, they said, "Hey! These are the people we were telling you about. These are them!!!" It was so cool to hear that, and even better when we had a lesson with the "P" family, the niece, and the neighbor last night together! We taught them the Plan of Salvation. They all loved it, starting with the song we sang, "I am a Child of God". Alfredo, Silvina, and the neighbor, Carmen are all coming to church. The niece lives in a different city, but we told her she is always welcome to come inside. Both Carmen and Shirley wanted a book of mormon to read more. Carmen is about 60, and used to live in New York. She told us she was catholic, but then quickly said, "Now I was catholic. But not anymore. Somethings not right." We are super exciting to continue working with them!

Speaking of the Plan of Salvation, I found a quote on I really liked it so I put it on the email. In my mission, I have really come to know more of who God really is. I am constantly speaking with him, asking him for guidance, and thanking him for all the blessings. He really is our Heavenly Father. He loves us, and wants to guide us back to him. Through our prophet, Thomas S Monson, we receive modern day scriptures and guidance. And his last message was short and sweet: Choose wisely. Make sure all our choices continue us on the path to eternal life with God, our Heavenly Father and our families forever. 

love you all!
Elder Zaugg


going out to eat. the normal pday routine. but found a great restaurant today. so thats always good

Fish oil pills man they really work!

Blessing comin down like rain comes down here in paraguay

Another good week come and gone. Really, not much happened.
However, we did teach the 2 families were are working with right now. 

First, the "Q" family.
He is from Ecuador, she is from Paraguay, but they met in Spain. They have 3 kids. 1 with citizenship in Spain, another in Ecuador, and another in Colombia. They showed up to church in the last hour and made our day! They are so awesome and we are super happy to have been blessed by the Lord to work with them! 

Next, the "P" family
Its an older couple, in their 50s, with one 4 yr old that lives with them. The husband is so cool. He has already read the Book of Mormon, and on Tuesday, we taught them the Restoration and he asked us if he could explain it to his wife. He was so stoked to do so. Honestly, the blessings are jus pouring in this area! Even though we havent been able to have a single lesson at night by contacting houses, we have these two families and thats enough for me:) It is serisoulsy the first time I met a man here in Paraguay, that isnt a member, with an interest in the church. And now there are two of them. And they are MARRIED. Thats another thing here. People never get married. Im seriously so stoked! 

Well, really, thats all the news I have for this week, but hey its pretty great news if you ask me. Happy mothers day mom! Talk to you tomorrow!!!

Elder Zaugg


went back to del maestro today for pday to say hi and eat lunch with Hna Leo!!!! shes the best haha

Monday, May 2, 2016


First of all, thank you everyone for the bday wishes and shoutouts! And for everyone that helped my mom out with the bday photos! I absolutely loved it! I cant believe I'm 20 now. Definitely dont feel like it! It was definitely a different birthday but it was still so great! Hna Maria made me some gluten free pasta and a gluten free waffle with whip cream, strawberry jam, and vanilla ice cream. Real american vanilla ice cream. I was so stinking happy it was heaven. Then, that night we went to Alfredo and Val´s house. They are from Brasil and do not speak spanish, only Portuguese so we are learning some of that. Luckily, I understand everything in Portuguese, now they are teaching us how to speak! haha it was super fun! She made feijao, rice, and chicken for my birthday, basically my favorite!! They are such a cool family, a couple months ago they got baptized and then moved here, to Campo Grande.

This area is a lot nicer than my previous areas. Honestly, half of it is super rich, and the other half is middle class. There aren't too many poor houses here, which is such a contrast to my other areas! It is different not being able to work in the field as much, just from 6-9pm. But already at 6 it is super dark so most people dont want to talk to us, but hey, we keep on trying! 

One perk about being in the office is I get to listen to music and conference talks all day while I am working. One talk I listened to this week was from Elder Holland (really I listen to a lot of his talks). "Safety for the Soul"  He talks about the Book of Mormon, he testifies of the Book of Mormon, of Joseph Smith, of the reality and truth that is in this book. And now, I have the chance to do this. I have the chance to bring this special book to all the people I interact with in Paraguay. Why is this book so special? If you do not know, go read it. Find out for yourself! But, I know the Book of Mormon is true. I know it contains the fullness of the gospel and will guide us back to live with our Heavenly Father again if we just follow the iron rod. This is an excerpt from Elder Hollands talk, one that when I heard it, chilled my whole body and I received yet another confirmation from the Holy Ghost that the book is true:

Now, I did not sail with the brother of Jared in crossing an ocean,  settling in a new world. I did not hear King Benjamin speak his  angelically  delivered sermon. I did not proselyte with Alma and  Amulek nor  witness the fiery death of innocent believers. I was not among the Nephite crowd who touched the wounds of the resurrected Lord, nor did I weep with Mormon and Moroni over the  destruction of an entire civilization. But my testimony of this record  and the peace it brings to the human heart is as binding and  unequivocal as was theirs. Like them, “[I] give [my name] unto the  world, to witness unto the world that which [I] have seen.” And like them, “[I] lie not, God bearing witness of it.”13
I ask that my testimony of the Book of Mormon and all that it implies,  given today under my own oath and office, be recorded by men on  earth and angels in heaven. I hope I have a few years left in my “last days,” but whether I do or do not, I want it absolutely clear when I  stand before the judgment bar of God that I declared to the world, in the most straightforward language I could summon, that the Book of Mormon is true, that it came forth the way Joseph said it came forth and was given to bring happiness and hope to the faithful in the  travail of the latter days.
I am so grateful for the words of the modern day prophets and apostles. I love you all, hope you have such a great week! 
Elder Zaugg
1.gluten free waffle and Hna Maria
2. Val and Arturo and there son Yago

3. Cranner family! So awesome, we have 2 american families in our ward! They both work in the US embassy! They gave us lunch on Sunday and some lucky charms to take home!:)