Monday, April 18, 2016

"I have to pee!"...Semana 42 2283.78 miles walked in Paraguay

Another awesome week here in San Lorenzo! Hopefully Im here next week, we have changes tomorrow! Well, this weekend wrapped up a great change. We found a less active family at the very beginning or end of last change, and we helped them reactivate and their 2 daughters got baptized, Maricela and Cecilia! They are such a cool family. Thanks to Araceli, the 14 year old sister, she helped her siblings and her mom reactivate! She is super awesome, and her Mom his new super excited again about the church! 

Funny story. When Maricela and I entered the baptismal font, it was super cold. And immediately, she crossed her legs and said, "I have to go pee! I have to go pee!" "What? Really? Right now?" as i was laughing. She starts to leave the font and then gets back in and says, " Lets do this, Ill just go after!" And then, as she was about to go under the water, she refused (she told us she was a little scared of the water). I was gently pushing her body into the water and she was pushing back with all her strength! So what do you do in a situation like this? Push her harder until she was finally underwater, with my shoulders under water too. Theres salvation and a life at stake. So, she got baptized. She kind of freaked out under water, just like Celia, and all the people watching started laughing, but she got baptized and was super happy! And we even had time to take one pic after before she had to go pee. haha

Oh, so we teach English class at the church on Thursdays! So like its awesome. We had over 30 people this week learning English! It was so cool! A bunch of the parents came up to us and thanked us for helping them and their child learn english haha It was super fun. 

Well, thats about it for the weekend. Thanks everyone for the emails, and support and pics and everything! Love you all! 
Elder Zaugg

baptism pics

Familia Noe gave us some asado and chorizo the other night. It was sooooo goood! haha 


Clase de Ingles

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