Friday, February 24, 2017

fishing no fish....

Today we went fishing on the Rio Paraguay.....annnnnnnnnnnndddddddddddddd we caught nothing!!!!!! Surprise surprise. I already knew I did not like fishing when we went, but everyone wanted to go so I kind of had no choice. President Evans is a huge fisher so he was pretty excited. It was really hot, Elder Murphy got really really sun-burned, and we didn't see any fish on hooks for 3 hours. But hey, it was something different and now I can check something off the list of "things to never do again in Paraguay". 

This morning, Elder Crofts, Murphy and I went to an anciana's house to cut her grass. It was a lot of grass. But it was super fun. After almost 3 hours we finished. To be honest, it wasnt a profesional job. It would not have passed for my mom's yard inspection, but with a Paraguayan weed wacker, it was the best we could do. She gave us some homemade mango ice cream after that was soooo good! So it was a win win for all of us.

While I was reading in Alma this week, I really liked the story about the lamanita pueblo that converted to the gospel from the teachings of Ammon. I loved verse 19 in chapter 24:

19 And thus we see that, when these Lamanites were brought to believe and to know the truth, they were firm, and would suffer even unto death rather than commit sin; and thus we see that they buried their weapons of peace, or they buried the weapons of war, for peace.

"They were firm". They would have rather died than kill their brothers. I have had the blessing, like many of you, to know that this church is true, to know that Christ is my Savior. Would we rather die than commit sin? These people showed a love to God that is very hard for me to understand at times. But, I do know where their firm foundation comes. It comes from Christ. If we build our testimony on Christ, we will not fall when Satan "sends his mighty winds" at us as Helaman teaches us in Helaman 5:12. Christ is our Savior, Lord and Redeemer. Only through him can we be saved, only through him can we be lifted up in our trials, only through believing in him, can we begin to build our foundation of faith so that when sin comes our way, we like the people of Ammon, would rather die than commit sin. I know Christ's love is there for all of us. We were sent here to Earth to learn for ourselves and progress. We are not perfect, but we are to become perfect and only through Christ will we ever reach that righteous goal. 

Love you all!
Elder Zaugg


So we went to dinner with Hno Galeano. Seriously one of the coolest guys I have ever met. he speaks amazing english too. (Really the whole family speaks amazing english). In fact, he was the one that translated for elder rasband when he came! i have never met a man so optomistic and happy. He is definitely a man I look up too!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Hospital scare

This week I had quite the scare. I woke up and Elder Murphy and Behrens were gone. At first, I thought they went running. I was kind of disappointed they didn't tell me to be honest, but I was super impressed with Elder this point, we all thought he tore a muscle in his butt a couple days before. He was having so much pain. "Wow," I thought, "That is dedication." Turns out, I saw my phone and had a missed call from Elder Behrens. They hadn't gone running......they were at the hospital!!! Elder Murphy was in so much pain so they went to the ER! "Man....I am going to be here for another change!?!?" That was my first thought...Well, after a long night of pain and a dreary hospital visit, a minor surgery, and some bloody bandages, it was determined Elder Murphy actually had an infection! But the good news is they fixed the problem, and he is on antibiotics right now. He is doing a little better now, just has a sore rear end right now.

We were driving back to the office and I thought of some elderly women in our ward that we should visit, so I asked Elder Avellaneda and Cárdenas if we could go visit them. Immediately, Elder Avellaneda said he was thinking the same thing and was just going to ask if we could do the same! We definitely thought it was the Holy Ghost prompting us to go. We pulled up to their apartment to find them standing outside their house, just looking lonely. We walked up to them, and the first thing they said was that they both needed blessings. Their health wasn't doing them any favors lately and they needed some help. It was yet another testimony booster that the Holy Ghost does speak to me and everyone else as well. He is always their to guide our lives if we listen and act on his promptings! Without a doubt I can promise that our Heavenly Father speaks to us through this vital 3rd member of the Godhead. He knows what is best for our lives, because he sees the big picture, the eternal picture. So, he sens his messenger to help us out when we need a direction to go. He is kind of like the Cheshire cat in Alice and Wonderland, but a lot less creepy! And really, more helpful. I know that Christ lives, and that through him comes happiness. I know that our Father in Heaven will guide us back to him as we seek to obey him and follow his son. 

Love you all!
Elder Zaugg

PICS: some members from Del Maestro when Elder Castro went home
Food. really, the office life involves a lot of food.

Friday, February 10, 2017

News Report Live from Paraguay

A week full of changes! Am I out? Am I staying in the office? Do I really have health problems? Tune in now, Live from Paraguay. 

Let's go to Shopping Mariscal where Elder Zaugg has the story.

Thanks Elder. This Friday a day called "P-day" to mormon missionaries we caught up with a group of them to see how the enjoy this day. We found them in Johnny Rockets, a well-known American burger & shake chain. As I spoke around with the workers, we found out that these missionaries are regulars! Almost every "P-Day" they hit the diner to enjoy a nice burger and shake (or in the case of one, a nice salad/chili cheese fries). We snuck in just in time to catch one of the hourly dances preformed by the workers. But this time, we noticed one not dressed in the "Johnny Rockets atire". Below are the attached photos. His name is Elder Zaugg who jumped up and began dancing. He sure did look like a regular out there, almost hitting the steps as the workers. From this experience, we learned the mormon missionaries are real humans. This is Elder Zaugg, reporting live from Paraguay. Back to you in the studio, Elder.

Thanks Elder. What a wonderful story. Coming up, we flash over to Villa Hayes, where there were some unexpected delays in a house move. But first, a message from our sponsors.

"Have you ever felt depressed or lonely? Have you ever needed a pick-me-up? We have the remedy for you! Mormon Messages: Always there to pick one's spirit up. "

We're back. Saturday. A blistering heat came over Asunción and we caught up with an odd group shutting down a rented home after 11 years. Let's go to Elder Zaugg in Villa Hayes for the story.

Thanks Elder. A great relationship came about between a paraguayan grandma and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints as 2 mormon missionaries (not always the same) have been renting an apartment from her for the last 11 years. This Saturday, they were forced to close down the rent. Due to the lack of missionaries, the mission was forced to eliminate an area, causing this area to close down for what we hope, a short period of time. As the two Elders, Elder Cárdenas and Elder Zaugg, were helping carry down the first bed frame from the second story apartment with the 2 movers they work with frequently, they heard a loud noise and came down to see that the front tire on the transport vehicle had exploded. Yes, exploded from the heat of the pavement. At 2pm in Asuncion and its roundabouts during the summer, it can get pretty heated like one of the college football games between ASU & UofA or BYU and Utah. This big vehicle needed some help to fix it. Great news, everyone to do it was closed. So, the 2 movers (Hno Sanchez-a super awesome happy guy and his helper) went to work at it. Not 1, not 2, but 3 car jacks were needed and 3 hours of time until the tire was finally replaced and the move began again. With tears in the landlord's eyes, the missionaries turned in the keys and left Villa Hayes, lucky enough to be headed home just in time to get some great photos on the Remanso bridge of the river and Asuncion. Photos are attached. From a sad ending to a relationship, we see the beauty Asuncion rarely has to offer. Elder Zaugg, reporting live from Paraguay. Back to you Elder.

Thanks Elder. What a beautiful scenery in Asuncion. You sure don't see that often. Up next we hop on over to Sunday morning bright and early. We've got Elder Zaugg reporting to us live from Santaní. There seems to be technical difficulties so we will not have pictures or a live feed.

Thanks Elder. This Sunday, I caught up with a group of missionaries in Santaní-President Evans and his family along with Elder Zaugg and Elder Behrens who left at 6am to make it to a ward in Santaní. The beloved senior couple Guterres were headed back to Brazil after completing their mission and it would be their last Sunday. The members of the Santaní ward were not successful in stopping the rivers of tears during and after the church services. Even the heavens were crying as the rain did not stop to and from. We learned that Santaní really isn't a pile of dirt as once expected. It looks like a "nice" paraguayan city. Only information to report was that Elder Zaugg reported a minor bruise to the head at the end of the trip due to the fact that he slept with his head against the window the entire way back driving on Paraguayan roads, which as you know, are not the best-at all. In fact they might be the worst. That is all from Santaní. Elder Zaugg reporting live by phone. Back to you Elder.

Wow, what tender moment in Santaní. And for the head of Elder Zaugg. Must be causing some pain. Finally, we jump to Wednesday for our Big Report. Is Elder Zaugg staying in the office? Does he have health problems? Will he finish his mission in the office? Coming to you live just after the break.

"The LDS temple. Sealing families for time and all eternity for over 150 years."

We are back here in Asunción with the update you have all been waiting for. Change after change, his exit was anticipated. Change after change, the country was shocked (or maybe just the Asuncion North mission). Rumors spread like wildfire that he had health problems. Even he began to think he had health problems even he was unaware about. But after 7 changes as Financiero, Elder Zaugg has finally received his replacement. A tall BYU swimmer from Reno, Nevada has joined the office squad in what looks to be a small miracle. Elder Murphy comes in at 6'4", just a little taller than Elder Zaugg at 5'11". He loves to swim (can't do that here), hang out with his girlfriend Vanna (also can't do that here), take long rides in his Jeep Wrangler (also a no-go) and count money (ding ding ding we have a winner). They have enjoyed their 3 days together and are committed to keeping the mission debt free. It was an expected move, anticipated for weeks. Elder Murphy had been told by every missionary and their dog(and in Paraguay, there are a lot of dogs) that he would be the Financiero. The started the change off right at Paulista's, eating everything that was delivered to them (except 1 cut of meat that they swear had not yet touched the grill). It seems to be a good fit. More updates to come in the next six weeks. 

This is all we have today, live from Paraguay. I'm Elder Zaugg, wishing you a happy and safe start to your weekends and encouraging you to hit up a local chapel this Sunday (if you are in Arizona or Utah, you are bound to find one super close to you) to worship and remember our Father in Heaven and his son and our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Love you all. Hope you enjoyed the news podcast :) More pictures and videos on my blog! Thanks mom!

Elder Zaugg

 Elder Murphy the new financial secretary

Elder Castro is headed home

Elder Castro Hermana Leoncia and Silvia

Office Crew at Johnny Rockets

Brody couldn't resist!

Elder Castro

Driving the 2017 Mission Van.  Its pretty nice!

Beautiful View of Paraguay!!!!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Car Crash ????

"Hey Elder ###. So how many lessons with a member present did you have this....Oh my gosh! Slow down! Hey Hey heyyyyy!!!!.......   *phone shuts off*" 

We were with the assistants on the way back from Mariano Sunday night and I was talking with another missionary to see how their week was going when I had a bright idea to prank them. :) So we pretended that we crashed. This missionary knew that I was with Elder Behrens and Elder Crofts, but didn't know Elder Fairbanks was there. Elder Crofts turned off his phone and we let Elder Behrens phone ring. So, he called Elder Fairbanks. 

"Hey! I think Elder Zaugg and them got in a crash!" 
Elder Fairbanks- "Oh really?! What happened? Why?"
"We were talking and then I heard yelling and the phone shut off and I can't get ahold of any of them!"

So Elder Fairbanks told them he would figure out what to do, talk with president, and go look for us. He told them to keep calling to try and get ahold of us. Well, about 5 minutes later, we had stopped on a back road, put the radio to a static sound super loud. I put the phone outside the window and when they called, I answered it and Elder Behrens began honking an "alarm" tone. They hung up and immediately called Elder Fairbanks.

"Oh yep. They got in a crash sí o sí! I heard honking. They could have rolled it! I know how Elder Behrens drives!"

So Elder Fairbanks explained to keep calm, to keep it on the down low for now and he would talk to President. I then turned on my phone and gave them a call. I began the conversation where I had left off, like nothing had happened!

"Elder Zaugg? Are you ok?"
"Yeah I'm fine, why? I just didn't finish rendiring and need to get the rest of the totals real quick!"
"Oh, I thought you got in a crash?"
"What? No we are fine!"
"Oh...ok thats really good then haha. Can I call you back in 5 minutes?"

He called Elder Fairbanks to let him know they got ahold of us....Man we were dying laughing. I finished talking with them and didn't say a single thing about it! It was so funny. They were actually pretty scared...haha I called them a little later to tell them it was all a prank and they asked me if Elder Fairbanks believed us too? Then I told him Elder Fairbanks was with us....they got a good laugh out of that! haha

Week before changes. I am about to start my 8th, yes, 8th change here in the office! I am almost sure I will have my replacement that I train for this change.

We had a zone conference this week. It was a really good one. We spent the morning studying the Plan of Salvation with President, just discussing it and asking what ever questions we had. Then, we spoke about faith. We studied the scriptures for verses about faith and applied them to how we could teach investigators to truly have faith. But not faith in us as missionaries, or even faith in the church, but faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If we really want to be converted to Jesus Christ, we have to build our testimonies on Him. We shouldn't build our testimony on the church, on Joseph Smith, or the book of mormon. All of those will be parts of our testimonies, and components to strengthen it. But when the winds and trials come, in order to not fall completely, we need to have a firm foundation of Christ. He is our Savior. He redeems us of our mistakes and flaws. I know he lives. He is the light of the world and the way back to our Heavenly Father. All we need to do is follow is gospel, his teachings to be able to receive all the blessings that are in store for us!

Elder Zaugg pictures this week. My computer has a virus and destroys the USB that gets plugged into it, but Elder Cárdenas is working on it! He is super good with computers!! 

We will take pictures at Johnny Rockets today for Elder Avellaneda's birthday!!