Saturday, April 23, 2016


Well, this week was changes. Woah, why am I writing on Saturday? I got changes this week, and I am now in the office, I got moved to be the Finance elder of the mission! haha It has definitely been a strange week, filled with long nights and trying not to lose money but I am super excited for the new challenge! I get to work with President a lot, he is such a cool man and I am so pumped really haha. Plus, I get to learn to drive stick bc we have a car for the office elders! Our Pday is on Saturday! So, today we went to the zoo (which is closed on Mondays!) It is super super cool really. We are in the office from 930am until 6pm monday-friday, and yesterday we went and taught one of the few investigators we have, but Cido (his name)....he is so super awesome! He is going to be baptized in May. He is an ex doctor, now and architect, has a super nice house and loves the church. Honestly, I am so blessed to have come into the office. I know it is going to help me so much for my life after my mission. Funny how Heavenly Father works, He knows I want to study finances and now Im in the mission, learning how to do real finances haha. He really does know us inside and out, knows what is best for us, what we need to succeed, and how to help us. We just have to follow with a smile and work everyday to progress into the person he wants us to be!
 Love you all!

 Elder Zaugg

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