Monday, October 26, 2015

Semana 17 Shut the door, keep out the Devil 749.8 miles walked in Paraguay

Well I received a couple emails asking why I was in asuncion last week! Just to make it all clear, yes I got there and back safely! I had to go to apply for my 2 year Visa, because right now I am here on a 3 month visa. It was a 24 hour trip there and back, so I really did not stay and do much there, just sign a couple papers and drive for a long time haha. 
Anyways, nothing too exciting happened this week except my next story, which was super cool.

So, remember the family that I had the miracle orange story with a couple weeks ago? We had another cool experience with them this week. But first, BACKGROUND INFO- So for the past 2 or 3 weeks, Cristian has been boarding up his house everyday, windows, and doors and anything that seems easy to get into the wooden boarded house of his. We have helped him a little bit, but why? Well because he told us every night, he and his family can hear someone trying to get into his house at the middle of night, but they do not know why! So he was fixing it up to make it harder to get in. Well now, back to the story this week. We get a call from him and he asks us to come over. So we walk over, wondering what he is going to ask. He then explains that both his wife and his son have seen things in his house, such as spirits, and they are super scared. So, he asked us to help him to bless the house. So us three went into the house, and my comp began the prayer. Right when he started the prayer, and just before as we knelt down, I had this weird feeling surround me, a super stange feeling that I knew was not right. And it continued up until Elder Stanley asked for a blessing on the house and that all evil spirits there would leave. Immediately, I was filled with peace, the Holy Ghost. From the top of my head to my toes, all I felt was peace. It was so strong and in that moment, I knew any evil spirits that had been there were gone. It was a really cool experience. I am so greatful for the Priesthood and the power and authority to act in the name of God. I know He has all power, and anything we ask of him, which is good, he will grant unto us. 

More info, after we left the house, Elder Stanley and I put it together that nobody has been trying to get into their house at night at all. Because every time they thought someone was trying to get in, they did not see anyone. We then realized what was actually bothering them every night. Also, we were then told by another missionary that has been in the area that the previous owner of Cristians house was possessed by an evil spirit, and the other missionarries were called in to help her. 
So yeah, that house has had some crazy stories. 

In other news, I am safe, doing great, and loving paraguay! 
Thanks for all the emails and for the updates!
Love you all!
Elder Zaugg

We have been going to this home on Friday's for Lunch!  They have a parrot.  

We eat with the Elder's from this branch.

 I have missed Strawberries!!!

This was seriously the best!

 Even sending the recipe so you can figure out how to make it

A birthday Party for Perla and her two daughters.  Perla is a member that is originally from Brazil.

Perla made all the cakes herself.  She is so awesome and smart!  She has taught her children a few things in English, and they can say it without an accent.  Amazing!

Elder Stanley with family/friends of Perla at Birthday Party

Perla and her daughters

 This is Emerson, he is a cool 15 year old kid 

 His house has been without water for two months, so we are digging a trench from the neighbors house that has water to theirs.

Step Stats
mon  5040    2.7
tues  18309  10.3
wed   19490  10.7
thur   22338  12.3
frid    17814  9.7
sat    17333  9.5
sun   15798   8.6

totals 116122 steps and 63.8 miles!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Semana 16 Miracles.....686 miles walked in Paraguay

Wow this week I had two awesome experiences I wanted to share with you all. 
First, Saturday. We had a service project with a family in our ward. We were doing yard work and such with him, cutting down some trees, cutting the grass, cleaning up the yard. We got there and asked how they were doing and they said they were all right, not great. Well why? Then they told us they have no money and their meal was terere, water with some herb(its basically grass...) This bothered me and I wanted to do something for them but we are told not to give people money. We asked if they had the machete to start working but they did not. So we went to another members house to get one. On the way back, a man selling oranges in his truck stopped us and gave us each 2 oranges. It was not much but I knew immediately that those oranges were meant to help this family and I was soooo happy. We got to their house with 2 machetes and 4 oranges, and they were so so happy, it was so great to see a big smile on the Hermana's face!

The other experience happened just last night. We are in Asuncion right now because I have to go to migrations. So we took a colectivo last night at 10 pm. I fell right asleep (they are recliner chair busses, and super comfortable). But then my comp woke me up at 11ish. I asked what was going on and he pointed to the front of the bus. 3 policemen were in the front checking everyones passport. They looked more like from the army, with their heavy duty gear and huge machine guns. They started taking everyones passport. Well he only had a copy of his passport, and I have nothing. Instantly I said a prayer that we would get through, because I did not want them to take us off this bus at alllll. So we were super worried at what they would say. A man came, he gave him the copy but the guy wanted more. He said we had nothing else and that is why I am going to Asuncion. The man walked passed with his copy, irritated. He came back and began interrogating us. Just when it seemed like he was about to make us get off the bus, another man came and said hey lets go. He showed him the copy of the passport, but they guy said its fine, we have to go. That was such an answer to my prayer, and I felt the spirit so so strong. I know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers. He is always watching out for everyone of His children. He will answer your prayers and watch over us through the Holy Ghost and also through other people. I am so so grateful to have been part of 2 miracles this week. 
I love you all so much!
 The bus has tons of room
Headed to Asuncion
Elder Zaugg
The pictures below are of the Branch President and his 2nd Counsellor and some of the kids in the families.  The woman who passed away last week was the Mother in Law of the two men.

1. How do you do your laundry? We pay a woman in the ward to wash our clothes
2.  How is "G"coming for baptism? She is on track for baptism, but her new date is Nov. 7. She wants to go to church more before she is baptized. I really really hope i stay in Pedro Juan for another transfer. We have transfers nov 3. And we are teaching 3 other people that I really think will be baptized in  nov or dec!
3.  What are you going to Asuncion For?  Migration Stuff
4.  How is the Branch President doing and their families with their loss?  they are doing better! they take death here really really hard, harder than i have ever seen it in the states!

Step Stats
mon  22066  12.1
tues  15147  8.3
wed   15286  8.4
thur   14493  7.9
frida  9684    5.3
satu  21204  11.6
sund 13777  7.5

totals 111657 steps and 61.1 miles

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Funeral....624.9 miles walked in Paraguay

This week I got an up close look at a funeral process and the South American traditions here. Wow. It was super sad, and very different. First, once the person dies everything is done in 24 hours, the viewing, the service, and the burial. The hermana that passed away was super strong in the church. She was so awesome to us missionaries and we loved talking to her and her husband. While at the viewing, I heard cries of pain that I have never heard before. Being a member of this church, I know that death is a part of the plan that God has for each and everyone of us, but it isnt the end. There IS life after death. The daughters really had trouble with their mom passing away and some of them nearly fainted from crying and screaming so loud. It was super sad. However, at the service on Sunday in the church, the Holy Ghost filled the room and was so so strong. It was a feeling of peace for everyone their, even her daughters. I know the hermana is enjoying peace and happiness right now. She is in a state of rest. And why? Because she endured in the faith until the end. She prepared herself in this life, for eternity.

I am so grateful for this church, and for the knowledge it brings me. I know that there is life after death, and that our life now is a time to prepare for eternity, to live with God, our Father, Jesus Christ, and our families forever in peace. I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost, who will comfort us and guide us in our times of need, and throughout our lives if we are worthy. I know that through faith in Jesus Christ, repentance, baptism by someone who has that authority (priesthood) to baptize, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and continuing to the end strong in the gospel, we can be eternally happy with our families even after death.
I love you all!
Make it a great week!
Elder Zaugg

step stats this week
mon  16836  9.2
tues  19654 10.7
wed   15980 8.7
thurs  14830 8.1
fri      20108  11.0
sat    9381   5.2
sun   13634 7.4

totals  110423   60.3 

Family Home Evening....Expecting 6 families and no one showed! :(

These sisters remind me of Chloe and Lucy.....

One of the Best meals I have had so far in Paraguay....Delicious!

Monday, October 5, 2015

WEEK 14 Ponderize THIS........564.6 miles walked in Paraguay

Hey I don´t have a lot of time, I just wanted to say how awesome General Conference was this weekend! I wanted to share some of my favorite quotes, and invite you guys to go watch the talks you missed!
(please forgive me if these quote are not word for word as I cannot write as fast as I can hear unfortunately)

Elder Uchtdorf  "there is no magic to believe"   "Have courage to believe"

M. Russel Ballard   "Stay on board this ship Zion. It´s destination is the Celestial Kingdom and exhaultation"

Neill F Marriott   "He takes us as we are, and molds us into more than we ever could have imagined"

Robert D. Hales   "We don´t marry perfection, we marry potential."

Jeffrey R Holland   "his whole talk" oh wait..that is not a quote...I LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH MOM!!!!!!!! Our mother´s love was compared to the love Christ has for us, everyone, right now call your mom and tell her you love her.

Vern P. Stanfill   "The light of the Savior is far too precious to cover with pride"

President Monson  "The choices you make here and now are forever important" 
I love President Monson soooo much. He needs our prayers and I am so grateful to have been able to listen to a living prophet this weekend.

Russell M. Nelson   "distinct and different in happy ways"

Gregory A. Schwitzer   "It is time to stand up and testify and rise up above the noises of the world"

Von G Keetch   "Don´t be to critical of the barrier, its the only thing keeping you from being devoured... the barriers of the commandments provide a safe harbor for us to live in"

David A. Bednar   His whole talk as well...but I loved the quote he gave from Elder L. Tom Perry, " Family is the center of life and key to eternal happiness"

Well I loved conference weekend so much! I am so grateful for the opportunity to listen to these chosen leaders and I put my utmost faith and trust in them to guide us, in our savior, Jesus Christ´s church.

Elder Zaugg
 Elders and Hermanas in the District

step stats this week
monday 22125   12.1
tuesday 18588   10.2
wed      21871    12.0
thursday 17122  9.3
friday    18903   10.4
sat       18709   10.2
sun      10834   5.9

totals   128152   70.1