Monday, March 28, 2016

Feliz Pascua .....2066.1 miles walked in Paraguay

Hey friends and fam! Happy Easter! Here, it was more of Semana Santa. Down here in Paraguay, they celebrate Thursday, and Friday a huge ton. They celebrate more of his suffering and death, rather than his resurrection. It was very interesting. On Thursday, everyone cooks a bunch of meat and a huge meal, to kind of signify the last supper. Then, they dont eat meat on Friday out of respect of Jesus Christ. There is no work here on Friday at all. It was silent here! Plus, it rained Thursday, Friday, Saturday so it kind of put an end to the would have been parties haha. But Sunday, the beautiful sun came out and it was a sign to me, that Christ, our Lord and Savior resurrected on Sunday, and He lives!

So Thursday, we went to Rosanna and Diegos house and made Chipa! It is basically like bread, doesn't taste to similar but hey, its gluten free! (usually) We formed it like Playdoh and made some pizza, elephants, $, and some normal circle ones. It was superrr fun! On Friday, it was Elder Castros birthday so Hma Leo (featured in pic with the Feliz Pascua sign) made us food. Wow, she is seriously the best. She cooked sooooooooooo much food! It was amazing. My comp and I made cookies (gluten free using rice flour) and a Snickers apple salad! It was amazing! Tasted sooo good! haha Everyone loves the cookies here and want us to make more!

Funny story
A couple weeks ago, we were in a lesson with a menos activa. We had taught her a couple times but didnt like to pray. We asked her again and she said, no, its better if you do it. so i said "Ok, I will say the opening prayer, and you will say the one to close ok?" She liked that, but I guess didn't understand. I started the prayer, said a couple things and then paused, and she literally "finished" the prayer by saying "in the name of Jesus Christ, amen." And she was super proud of herself and thought she was doing the right thing. Honestly, I was shocked and laughing so hard inside haha.
Well I have run out of time!
love you all!
Elder Zaugg
119850 Steps
66.1 miles

 "When you don't want dengue fever" HAHA

 Hermana Leoncia's  Cooking is Amazing!!!!!

 Hermana Leoncia and Elder Struhs
 Happy Birthday Elder Castros
 Happy Birthday Elder Castros with Hermana Leoncia

 Making chipa......Mine is an elephant

Making Chipa, it's an Easter Tradition

 Elders Zaugg and Struhs

Made cookies out of Rice flour, and they were sooooo Good.

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