Monday, April 11, 2016

Good vs Evil......2204.78 Miles walked in Paraguay

Hey friends and fam! How are we all doing this week? it was a super great week this week because Celia Mereles finally got baptized! Wow what a story.

So thursday morning, we went to the church to clean the baptismal font. Only the sacrament room has air so we turned on the air to wait in there while the font was draining the water that was already in there. After about 30 min, my comp says, "Hey, do you smell that?" Something was burning. So we turned off the air bc Im pretty sure we would have caught the church on fire if we left it on. Anyways, we had no more problems until we got back to the church at 5 30. Only half of the power in the building worked. None of the air(there are 2 air things in the sacrament and neither worked). The lights, were almost all off. Well dang, thats dumb but the baptism will go on. Then at 6, when the baptism was supposed to start, the bishop and 1st counselor still had not showed up, and were not answering. Finally, at 6 15 they called back and let us know they were still working and couldn't make it....well shoot. haha Then at 6 30, the stake president showed up(we were told by our mission president he had to be at the baptism and if he wasn't, we had to call him...he must be in trouble hahaha) So Yes! we are going to have the baptism we said. Then all the power shut off. I just started laughing, about 15 min before I was super stressed haha. Then I said, "Well, Satan can cut off the power but he cant take out the water from the baptism font that is already there!"  The lights turn back on so we started the baptism reunion. And she was baptized! The water was so so so high so when she got in, standing, it was nearly to her neck and she was so scared. She kept saying she couldn't step in. I said "well, you are going to be all the way under anyways, so it doesn't matter if it covers you standing haha" She got in, explained the process and proceeded with the baptism. When she was under water, she had a panic attack, took a breath and reached for the air. Luckily, she was all the way under and it was successful. hahahaha Then the lights shut off again. What an experience. They came back on about 10 min later, we changed, and...... I couldn't find my socks. We searched the entire church and never found them. There were a bunch of teenagers at the church playing soccer and there for english class, so we basically think someone stole them. But hey, Id rather know someone stole them than to think they just vanished because that would bug me for a long long time haha. 
Anyways, it was such a great baptism, and super super funny, but it shows again, Christ always wins against Satan's dirty tricks.

Elder Zaugg

Step Stats

145213 steps and 80.18 miles this week!


baptism, dinner in their house, and us 4 missionaries celebrating the birthday of Elder Smiths (the red head) sister at hma leo´s house with ice cream...hahahaha 
hermana Celia Mereles

a game where you have to cut the flour of tower without letting the candy fall. If it falls, you have to dig it out without your face and only your hands.

These girls are going to get baptized next week.

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