Monday, August 31, 2015

WEEK 9......225.1 miles walked Paraguay

Hey everyone! Hope everything is going great in the states! And I hope you guys all have power!!! (We just got power after almost 24 hours without it. We were told it was because the EPP a Paraguay terrorist group bombed a power station but I have no access to valid news so I cannot be 100% sure)

(..........YES it is true :(  )

Yes, the awkward chair story. So we were walking to lunch this week. We saw one of less active members that we have been teaching with her sister in law carrying chairs. So we offered to carry them for them. Well, they were each only carrying one plastic chair. It was like 2 pounds but we just wanted to help them out! So I offered the sister in law to carry it for her and she said yes but only wanted for me to carry half of it. So, we walked for about 5 minutes each carrying one arm of a 2 pound chair. Meanwhile, my comp just walked behind us laughing and about 5 people were yelling from a factory shouting and laughing. It was pretty embarrassing but I am looking back on it now and laughing so hard.

This week while I was reading the Book of Mormon I came across 2 Nephi 9 talking about the Plan of Salvation. Christ suffered for us and overcame death so that we might be forgiven of our sins. So why don´t we take advantage of his Atonement and repent of the wrong decisions we all make every day. God loves us so much so he gave us a way to return and live with him after death and the way is through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. A lot of us may think that we are going through something really difficult but I want to testify to you that there is one person who has been through exactly what you are going through. Christ knows you perfectly and if you let him, He will relieve you from the pain! I am so grateful for his sacrifice for me and for the opportunity I have to be forgiven of my sins through the Atonement of Christ. I love serving a mission in Paraguay, and hopefully I can bring this message to some of the people here!
Thank you all for your support and emails!
I would send pictures but the computers aren´t working well today, maybe because of the power outage situation! But there are more pics on my blog, thanks to my wonderful parents! Check them out!

Elder Zaugg

Question and Answer
1.  Does the toilet work?  What are you doing if not???
yes, it does now. We had to go to the church and use that one...

2 Do you find that it is hard to budget your $?
So far it hasn´t been.

3.  What type of groceries do you buy?
honestly don´t really know..I buy apples and rice and beans (I need some recipes on how to cook beans and rice haha) and oatmeal and some potatoes (also a recipe for diced potatoes or something like that)

4.  Are you eating enough?
yes so far I am eating enough! I love when members feed us but it does not happen too often

5.  How is Spanish coming along, do you feel like you can converse with people yet?  How about the other two languages?
I am finally starting to be able to understand more people. I love talking to the 8 to 10 year olds because I can actually have a conversation with them, and some of them remind me of Buddy!

6.  What are you studying on your personal study time?
I am reading the Book of Mormon in spanish and also studying the attributes of christ in PMG,  (Preach My Gospel) which are awesome. I passed page 100 in my libro de mormon the other day so I am making progress.

7.  How often do you teach English classes?  How many people do you typically get to come?
just once a week and about 10

8.  What service have you been able to perform for the people there?
not much yet, but we have 2 or 3 this week and a district one in 2 weeks! A new service program in our district(basically a stake) just got started yesterday.

9.  Have you been bothered by the bugs?
Yes and no...the ones in my house yes. The ones outside not really. The mosquitoes are not bad in Pedro Juan!

10.  Have you liked your shoes?
yeah the shoes are great!

11.  What is your typical breakfast?
yogurt (not normal yogurt, like a milk basically) and an apple..and usually the protein but I am out of it now!

12.  What is something you have loved about Pedro Juan?
The weather has been great, the members are aweseome in our branch, and I love the food because it is very normal 😁

13.  How many wards or branches are there in your area?
 5 ramas! (branches)

Step STATS for the Week!

Monday 22217   12.2 miles
Tuesday 14707   8.0
Wed.     17535    9.4
Thursday 18841  10.4
Friday     18957   10.4
Sat.        19399   10.6
Sunday   19266   10.6

If my math is correct again (I assume it was last time because Grampy did not send an email correcting me) I had 130,922 steps this week and 71.6 miles!

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