Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Apostle say what? Week 5

Wow. This week was amazing! First, I am leaving to Paraguay on Monday!!! I leave the MTC at 8:30am Monday morning and arrive in Paraguay Tuesday just after 2! The time at the MTC really does fly by. We had our last meeting with our investigator Gabriel this week. He is from Chile. He is so funny. He loves to joke with us and usually teaches us his chilean slang at the end of our lesson. We had a test imony meeting with him on our last visit and he bore his testimony of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and started crying. It was super cool, "super bien" as he loves to say. (He says that probably 5-10 times a lesson.)
Last week we had a devotional and Sheri Dew came and talked to us. I didn't know who she was, but she told us she was the CEO of Deseret Books. When the MTC Presidency introduced her he started crying and said we were really in for a treat. He described her as "one of the best speakers in the church". She really was amazing. I loved her talk so much. She testified that sharing our testimony is the best way to help others feel the spirit. I have noticed that while I have been in the MTC. Sharing our testimonies really does bring the Holy Ghost into the room.

Ok. Now for the big news. Yesterday the MTC was buzzing. Why? Because we were told the devotional was going to be really good. Not to mention, the choir director told us the week before that we really should be in the choir this week. So everyone was waiting for the devotional guessing which apostle it would be. Holland, Uchtdorf, maybe Bednar? When we were at choir practice that day he told us who would be speaking: President Russell M. Nelson, just a few weeks after becoming the President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Wow. His talk was so amazing. He came into the room, we all stood up and the Spirit filled the room. The one thing he talked about that I want to share with everyone dealt with the Atonement. He shared the story when Christ tells a woman, "Go, and sin no more. And neither do I condemn thee." He then testified that our Savior will never be disappointed in us as long as we desire to repent. I testified of that with so much love and everyone could feel the truth of it in our hearts. I know President Nelson was called of God and I can't wait to hear more from him at General Conference!

Less important news. I was able to play soccer for the first time without any pain. Yes, Mom, I am still taking it easy but everyone--it was a big step in the right direction. The Premier League starts this Saturday. Sigh. I didn't miss a Chelsea game last year so this Saturday may be a little difficult...haha. Also, shoutout to all my friends at UVU who started their season this week! Go win the WAC! Last item of business, my back is feeling so much better and I am praying I won't have any problems in Paraguay! I seriously can't wait to get down there! After seeing all the pictures from my friends in South America, I can't wait to be down there! 
Love you all!
Elder Zaugg

1. We are with Gabriel! We saw him walking around the MTC and had to get a picture with him before we left
2. District temple walk while it was overcast was so nice
3. Last class with Hermana Bennett! She was our first investigator the second day and for the first couple weeks before we knew she would be our teacher. She told us she was from Peru and we really thought she was a native. Turns out, she just served her mission there and is actually from Provo, UT. 

Elder Semu Birthday

Brody will always be an ASU fan!  Go Devils!!  

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  1. Love seeing your letters. You will be such a great missionary! Who wouldn't want to listen to your message? You bring enthusiasm for the Gospel to a whole new level! Love you Elder Zaugg. Safe travels to Paraguay. They are so LUCKY to get you! Love you. GaGa.