Monday, August 10, 2015

Paraguay Here I come!!!!

Tender Mercies for these Missionaries.....
While on the Metro headed for SLC airport a man gets on and Guess What????
He was born and raised in Paraguay.  He lived there for 25 years.  He now lives in Germany and was just on vacation and happened to get on this Metro heading to temple square.  Elder Zaugg and his travel companion loved getting to talk to him.  Special Day!!!!


  1. Jared could understand him and says his Spanish sounds really good!! It was neat to hear him!!!

  2. The only word I understood was AMEN but he still sounded awesome. I can't believe how well his Spanish sounded. He will be an amazing missionary. Who would not love to hear about the Gospel from that cute young man?!! Can't wait to hear about his experiences in Paraguay.