Monday, September 7, 2015

WEEK 10.......292.8 Miles walked in Paraguay

It is crazy to think I have been in Paraguay for a month now! I am loving it here! The weather is starting to heat up, like getting really hot. So I bought a hat and I look like a Chinese farmer when I wear it. Hopefully I can send the pictures to show you guys! 

It was a pretty normal week in Paraguay..not much too exciting happened! Actually, crazy story. (Hopefully you all are ok with this story haha) So Sunday we were walking to church and my comp says "Is this blood?" I respond with "It is probably just alcohol". We keep walking and he keeps saying he thinks it is blood. Then at the end of the 15 ft streak of dried "blood" we see something, and it definitely looked like an organ of some kind..So I say "oh a dog must have gotten hit" Well later that night, we were at a members house and he tells us how a man got hit the night before by a bus. He was drunk and walked in front of the bus and get very very messed up to say the least...Then he told us where it happened and we instantly knew what we were walking in earlier that day...Ya...

On a brighter note....we had an investigator agree to get married and baptized!!! However, the date is December 19, but hey, as long as they are working for that!

As I was studying this week, I was looking up an attribute of Christ---charity. But I did not know-what is charity exactly? In Moroni 7, verse 45 it explains a couple things of what charity is. For me, to have the attribute of charity means to be kind, does not get frustrated easily, thinks positively about everyone, and realizes that everyone is a child of God. In verse 47, it says charity is the pure love of Christ. Christ loves us so much he gave his life for us, so that we might be able to return and live with our Heavenly Father, Him, and our families forever. When we realize these attributes of charity, we will realize that everyone needs to know that they are loved. No matter where they are at in their life, there is always at least 2 people that love them--God, our Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ.
I am so grateful for this knowledge! I hope you all try to develop charity for everyone. It is not too difficult to start! Just be kind to everyone you see!

Love you all!
Elder Zaugg

Pics again are not working, I am hoping I can find a place that I can hook my camera up to their wifi later today and my mom will load the pics to my blog!
Step Stats for the Week!
monday       27380  15miles
tuesday       13652  7.4
wednesday  17161  9.4
thursday      20376  11.2
friday          14520   8
saturday     13527   7.4
sunday       16864   9.3

with a total of 123485 steps and 67.7miles!

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