Monday, August 24, 2015

WEEK 8 ...153.5 miles walked in Paraguay!

Wow I am loving Paraguay! I have now been here for almost 2 weeks and I still love it, so I would say that is pretty good since I am going to be here for a lot longer..

This week I met a lot more people here and met a lot of people to teach! On Wednesday, the Assistants to the President were in our area and I went with one of them. We were walking to a lesson and saw this family and decided to talk to them. We were talking with the Dad and Mom while an 11 year old girl was standing behind the door listening to us. We had a lesson about faith. We explained that faith is to believe something that we cannot see but we know is true. Faith is an interesting concept. The thing I like most about faith is that, like it says in the bible, Faith without works is dead. We can say we have faith in Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father but unless we do something other than say we have faith, it means nothing. We need to show our faith in him everyday by ways as simple as just serving others. When we are serving others, we are serving Heavenly Father because we are all His children. The father was playing with a baby duck the whole time (the last of 3 because the others got eaten by a cat). He told us he did not care much for religion. So we had the conversation with the mom the whole time and she was interested to hear more. We had to go because we teach an English class on Wednesdays but invited them to come. We walked to the church and guess who beat us there: the 11 year old that was hiding behind the door. She stayed for the English class and the Noche de Rama, which is where we have a Spiritual thought and then play some games as a branch. We went back and taught the family on Saturday and asked them to come to church and the girl said, " I am already coming!" Sure enough, she was at church the next day. She said she loved church and was waiting for us to come back and teach them again this week!

Some interesting things:
1. I think the dogs multiply like rabbits here. There are so many dogs it is insane. 
2. I experienced my first rain here. It was sprinkling for about 30 seconds and then all of a sudden it was coming down the hardest I have ever seen rain fall.
3. Our toilet has not been working for a week now...
4. I gave my first talk in Paraguay! The people really wanted to hear my try to speak the language..

I know The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is truely Christ´s church. I know that through Jesus Christ, I can be forgiven of the wrong things I do each day. I am so greatful for his suffering for me, and for each and every one of you. I challenge you all to show your faith in him this week by following his example and serving someone in need!

Elder Zaugg

 Monday-41562--21.3 miles

If I did my math right it is 145,842 steps and 78.5 miles this week!

1.  Favorite food you have eaten.  
Empenada (but I haven´t eaten a variety of food here) except the members cooked some food that was amazing but it was just rice beans and chicken but it was so good.

2.  How long you study each day?
4 hours...its a long time

3.  Something you love about your companion? 
he loves the people and knows the gospel really well 

4.  Where is your companion from? 

5.  Something you loved about your mission President?  
He is so caring and wants to help

6.  How do you communicate with your Mission President? 
just once a week by email

7.  Have you found the China store that imports all kind of american products?  Cody Jones said they have great rootbeer! HAHA
Yes we went today I was in heaven and got a lot of american candy. I wanted to get skittles but it was $14 (US) for a small bag so I decided not tooo...

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