Monday, March 27, 2017


Walking and Walking and Walking. Itaugua is huge! But I love it. It has been awesome to get back to teaching people all day long. While we walk, we speak in English. I am helping Elder Perez speak english so that has been fun! Today though, was not so great. We had to go to Asuncion for leadership council. Itaugua is super far from Asunciòn, and the meeting starts at 8 so we had to leave early. We left at 5 am. The busses were so crowded that I was squished between people the entire time. After finally getting to San Lorenzo at 6, we got on another bus to Asuncion.............that bus was terrible. Again, squished so much I could barely breathe. Some old guy had is huge water jog and terere and it was constantly jabbing my back haha. At 7:30 am, we finally made the bus terminal! Oh my. So we got off and took a taxi. We showed up at 8:05, luckily President was late too. But wow, I will never do that again. I told me comp next time we are taking a taxi from Itaugua! haha

The first couple days here were not the easiest for me. It was hard to get accostumed to the people and such. But, I did make one great friend, "M". His family is really wealthy, and we are teaching him! He is 18 and the first time I showed up to his house, his first words to us were, "I'm sure. I am so sure!" We asked him about what and he said that he is so sure he wants to get baptized. !Que facha! His date is for April 29th! We ate lunch with him on Saturday and he came to church as well. Last week he started studying to be a pilot, and this week he starts studying english. So we are gonna help him out with the english when we go over. I hope he continues his progression! Please keep him in your prayers!

We are also working with Familia "C". They are a super humble family, but were not always this low. The dad started a business, but after a couple unfortunate business moves on his part, he has basically been kicked out and taken over by his partner. That was super sad, but I know that God works in mysterious ways. Because of the financial struggles, they recognized the need to include God more in their life. So had this not happened, we probably would not be teaching them. He might be getting a good job at a nice hotel. His friend offered him a spot or something, he should find out this week! I love going over because they have such great personalities. They are super funny and sarcastic, so its not a bland hour when we go. They have to get married, but we are planning on helping them do that on the 29th of April as well. They could also use some serious prayers! 

I am so thankful to be here in Itaugua. The ward is awesome, and there are a lot more investigators that we are teaching. I am thankful for the opportunity we have to listen to the Prophet and Apostles this weekend. Couldn't come at a better time! I hope you all have the chance to see it! 
Love you all
Elder Zaugg

1. Elder Crofts Parada and I. Elder croft's last change!!!
2. Marcelo!
3. Elder Murphy and Elder Passos. Elder passos trained elder murphy in the field, and i trained him in the office!

4. Hna Llanos! Her friend is Cutter's companion right now!!!! super cool!

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