Friday, March 3, 2017


yes. We found rats in the office/church this week. Tuesday Night, Elder Murphy and I were setting up for a mission conference the next day. I walked up to the stage, and as I got up to the last step, I heard a bunch of noises that sounded like a dog trying to run on wood floor but always slipping. My first thought? "I really hope that was a cat." I looked around but didn't see anything. I started carrying down some chairs and I noticed a little pebble like thing on the chair. I realized that was rat poop...I got down and Elder Murphy turns to me and says, "I think we have rats...I was carrying this stack of chairs and I swear a rat jumped out from the middle one and ran to that corner!!!" We immediately stopped what we were doing and went to the supermarket right in front of the church and bought mouse traps and poison. We placed out 2 traps that night. Before we had left the building, we had caught 2 rats. Since then, we have caught and killed 7. These things are everywhere in this poor church....but luckily they are so dumb we put out the same sticky glue traps and poison and they fall for it every time.

It has been a good run here in the office, but it looks like this will be my last week from the financiero office! I should be headed out to my new area this next Wednesday. I am super excited to get out and finish my mission in a normal area! Hopefully I remember how to walk all day long? I should probably ask for a portable air conditioning unit...

I have seriously loved the time spent here. I have learned so much. You could definitely say my mission has been a little different than that in the mind of every 18 year old when he is about to leave. I never thought I would manage money for the entire mission! But I learned that God knows each and everyone of us personally. He has a unique plan for each of us to succeed in his grand plan for us to return and live with him. He knows how to help us learn at every moment of our life. He has blessed me so much for serving a mission, I couldn't be more grateful

Love you all!

Elder Zaugg

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