Friday, February 10, 2017

News Report Live from Paraguay

A week full of changes! Am I out? Am I staying in the office? Do I really have health problems? Tune in now, Live from Paraguay. 

Let's go to Shopping Mariscal where Elder Zaugg has the story.

Thanks Elder. This Friday a day called "P-day" to mormon missionaries we caught up with a group of them to see how the enjoy this day. We found them in Johnny Rockets, a well-known American burger & shake chain. As I spoke around with the workers, we found out that these missionaries are regulars! Almost every "P-Day" they hit the diner to enjoy a nice burger and shake (or in the case of one, a nice salad/chili cheese fries). We snuck in just in time to catch one of the hourly dances preformed by the workers. But this time, we noticed one not dressed in the "Johnny Rockets atire". Below are the attached photos. His name is Elder Zaugg who jumped up and began dancing. He sure did look like a regular out there, almost hitting the steps as the workers. From this experience, we learned the mormon missionaries are real humans. This is Elder Zaugg, reporting live from Paraguay. Back to you in the studio, Elder.

Thanks Elder. What a wonderful story. Coming up, we flash over to Villa Hayes, where there were some unexpected delays in a house move. But first, a message from our sponsors.

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We're back. Saturday. A blistering heat came over Asunción and we caught up with an odd group shutting down a rented home after 11 years. Let's go to Elder Zaugg in Villa Hayes for the story.

Thanks Elder. A great relationship came about between a paraguayan grandma and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints as 2 mormon missionaries (not always the same) have been renting an apartment from her for the last 11 years. This Saturday, they were forced to close down the rent. Due to the lack of missionaries, the mission was forced to eliminate an area, causing this area to close down for what we hope, a short period of time. As the two Elders, Elder Cárdenas and Elder Zaugg, were helping carry down the first bed frame from the second story apartment with the 2 movers they work with frequently, they heard a loud noise and came down to see that the front tire on the transport vehicle had exploded. Yes, exploded from the heat of the pavement. At 2pm in Asuncion and its roundabouts during the summer, it can get pretty heated like one of the college football games between ASU & UofA or BYU and Utah. This big vehicle needed some help to fix it. Great news, everyone to do it was closed. So, the 2 movers (Hno Sanchez-a super awesome happy guy and his helper) went to work at it. Not 1, not 2, but 3 car jacks were needed and 3 hours of time until the tire was finally replaced and the move began again. With tears in the landlord's eyes, the missionaries turned in the keys and left Villa Hayes, lucky enough to be headed home just in time to get some great photos on the Remanso bridge of the river and Asuncion. Photos are attached. From a sad ending to a relationship, we see the beauty Asuncion rarely has to offer. Elder Zaugg, reporting live from Paraguay. Back to you Elder.

Thanks Elder. What a beautiful scenery in Asuncion. You sure don't see that often. Up next we hop on over to Sunday morning bright and early. We've got Elder Zaugg reporting to us live from Santaní. There seems to be technical difficulties so we will not have pictures or a live feed.

Thanks Elder. This Sunday, I caught up with a group of missionaries in Santaní-President Evans and his family along with Elder Zaugg and Elder Behrens who left at 6am to make it to a ward in Santaní. The beloved senior couple Guterres were headed back to Brazil after completing their mission and it would be their last Sunday. The members of the Santaní ward were not successful in stopping the rivers of tears during and after the church services. Even the heavens were crying as the rain did not stop to and from. We learned that Santaní really isn't a pile of dirt as once expected. It looks like a "nice" paraguayan city. Only information to report was that Elder Zaugg reported a minor bruise to the head at the end of the trip due to the fact that he slept with his head against the window the entire way back driving on Paraguayan roads, which as you know, are not the best-at all. In fact they might be the worst. That is all from Santaní. Elder Zaugg reporting live by phone. Back to you Elder.

Wow, what tender moment in Santaní. And for the head of Elder Zaugg. Must be causing some pain. Finally, we jump to Wednesday for our Big Report. Is Elder Zaugg staying in the office? Does he have health problems? Will he finish his mission in the office? Coming to you live just after the break.

"The LDS temple. Sealing families for time and all eternity for over 150 years."

We are back here in Asunción with the update you have all been waiting for. Change after change, his exit was anticipated. Change after change, the country was shocked (or maybe just the Asuncion North mission). Rumors spread like wildfire that he had health problems. Even he began to think he had health problems even he was unaware about. But after 7 changes as Financiero, Elder Zaugg has finally received his replacement. A tall BYU swimmer from Reno, Nevada has joined the office squad in what looks to be a small miracle. Elder Murphy comes in at 6'4", just a little taller than Elder Zaugg at 5'11". He loves to swim (can't do that here), hang out with his girlfriend Vanna (also can't do that here), take long rides in his Jeep Wrangler (also a no-go) and count money (ding ding ding we have a winner). They have enjoyed their 3 days together and are committed to keeping the mission debt free. It was an expected move, anticipated for weeks. Elder Murphy had been told by every missionary and their dog(and in Paraguay, there are a lot of dogs) that he would be the Financiero. The started the change off right at Paulista's, eating everything that was delivered to them (except 1 cut of meat that they swear had not yet touched the grill). It seems to be a good fit. More updates to come in the next six weeks. 

This is all we have today, live from Paraguay. I'm Elder Zaugg, wishing you a happy and safe start to your weekends and encouraging you to hit up a local chapel this Sunday (if you are in Arizona or Utah, you are bound to find one super close to you) to worship and remember our Father in Heaven and his son and our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Love you all. Hope you enjoyed the news podcast :) More pictures and videos on my blog! Thanks mom!

Elder Zaugg

 Elder Murphy the new financial secretary

Elder Castro is headed home

Elder Castro Hermana Leoncia and Silvia

Office Crew at Johnny Rockets

Brody couldn't resist!

Elder Castro

Driving the 2017 Mission Van.  Its pretty nice!

Beautiful View of Paraguay!!!!

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