Friday, February 17, 2017

Hospital scare

This week I had quite the scare. I woke up and Elder Murphy and Behrens were gone. At first, I thought they went running. I was kind of disappointed they didn't tell me to be honest, but I was super impressed with Elder this point, we all thought he tore a muscle in his butt a couple days before. He was having so much pain. "Wow," I thought, "That is dedication." Turns out, I saw my phone and had a missed call from Elder Behrens. They hadn't gone running......they were at the hospital!!! Elder Murphy was in so much pain so they went to the ER! "Man....I am going to be here for another change!?!?" That was my first thought...Well, after a long night of pain and a dreary hospital visit, a minor surgery, and some bloody bandages, it was determined Elder Murphy actually had an infection! But the good news is they fixed the problem, and he is on antibiotics right now. He is doing a little better now, just has a sore rear end right now.

We were driving back to the office and I thought of some elderly women in our ward that we should visit, so I asked Elder Avellaneda and Cárdenas if we could go visit them. Immediately, Elder Avellaneda said he was thinking the same thing and was just going to ask if we could do the same! We definitely thought it was the Holy Ghost prompting us to go. We pulled up to their apartment to find them standing outside their house, just looking lonely. We walked up to them, and the first thing they said was that they both needed blessings. Their health wasn't doing them any favors lately and they needed some help. It was yet another testimony booster that the Holy Ghost does speak to me and everyone else as well. He is always their to guide our lives if we listen and act on his promptings! Without a doubt I can promise that our Heavenly Father speaks to us through this vital 3rd member of the Godhead. He knows what is best for our lives, because he sees the big picture, the eternal picture. So, he sens his messenger to help us out when we need a direction to go. He is kind of like the Cheshire cat in Alice and Wonderland, but a lot less creepy! And really, more helpful. I know that Christ lives, and that through him comes happiness. I know that our Father in Heaven will guide us back to him as we seek to obey him and follow his son. 

Love you all!
Elder Zaugg

PICS: some members from Del Maestro when Elder Castro went home
Food. really, the office life involves a lot of food.

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