Sunday, October 23, 2016


Sorry everyone-I have no time! This week was such an amazing week I wish I could explain everything. But I have literally 5 minutes. First, Joel did get baptized, many of you may already have seen that. But then it was just filled with service-something I´m trying to work on-from secret doorbell ditches leaving food, to other small things, and then to service projects like today's. But Im just really happy and just wanted to let you all know that service brings happiness.

Elder Zaugg

P.S. Next week and from now on, I will be writing on Fridays (at least while I am in the office). Pday has changed to Friday!

Joel with his new art supplies that Gaga sent for him! He loves them!!
We got bikes!.....but only for 3 more days until we send them to the chaco
With the hermana that makes the super super cool ties...that's one reason I have no time now.
We helped an investigator of Elder Parada and Gibson clear some land this morning. His house is right behind us...
selfie with elder bickley in the background trying to bring down a vine

Joel's baptism

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