Friday, October 14, 2016

Changes Part 5

Yep, I am starting my 5th change here in the office! Crazy to think I have been here that long!
It was a good week though-keeping up the streak of not sleeping. But also keeping up the streak of Paulistas. Every time we go, it gets better and better. This time I decided to go heavy on the Cesar Salad+every thing else. SOOOOOOO good. Its fun getting to go every 6 weeks because we get to pick and choose what we want rather than eat it all because we won't be back! 
Changes started off great-I mean, we have basically all been in the office for 4 changes now so we felt ahead of everything! Doesn't mean we didn't have to stay up super late, but we felt more ready and prepared to hit it on running. Well, then Wednesday happened. The actual day of changes. We are supposed to start at 4:30. We got up and started going, only to get a call that 1 elder from lejos missed his bus, the other missionaries from Concepcion didn't get off where they were supposed to, and we had to stop by the airport to give something to a leaving missioanry...Turns out when we actually got to the first stop in our loop for changes, we were 1 1/2 hours late....hahaha But it all worked out in the end and we had a good time doing it! I have a new comp! Elder Proffit! He is the new secretary of the mission. Elder Hunsaker will train him for 6 weeks then head out to his new area. 

Last night we played a prank on Elder Parada and Elder Gibson. Elder Bickley, Crofts and I acted like we were super mad at each other and it scared them 2 so bad hahaha we were laughing so hard. Then we had to scare Elder Proffit a little bit on his first night in the office so we reinacted the fight and he about cried bc it was so believable. The office crew here is super great and we just all get along so well. Some of the best laughs of the mission happen here, and also the latest nights, and earlierst mornings, and best moments ever. 

Joel Ayala is still progressing for his baptism date-next SATURDAY! So excited for this because it has been a very very long time! haha 

A super cool thing happened this week! On Wednesday, we went to the temple to to pick up the missionaries and take them to Paulistas. While we were waiting outside, Alicia walked out! The convert I baptized from Del Maestro!!!! That was so so so awesome! Her, Hna Leonica, and Silvia were there! Man that was such an overwhelming feeling to know how strong she is in the gospel! As missionaries, we find people to teach and baptize those willing to make promises with God and keep them, with the ultimate goal being the temple. In and only in the temple is where we can make sacred covenants with God that seal families together for eternity, and we can also help others who have already passed on through the baptisms for the dead. To see someone (or 3 people) you grew to care for so much walk out of the temple was such an awesome feeling! I challenge you to make it a goal to go to the temple this coming week to receive personal revelation and to help someone else on the other side! The blessings will be poured down on you-promise you won't regret! 

Elder Zaugg
here are some pics!

1. Joel at the temple after sunday morning conference session!
2. the boiz
3. Alicia at the temple

4. Conference at Prezzzy´s

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