Sunday, October 16, 2016

Bad driving and Baptisms

Sorry folks, I won't have much time to write a great email today because we have a baptism. Unfortunately, the baptism will happen tonight so I won't be able to send photos until next week, but hey, its a good reason to not have time to email! 

President was gone all week in Argentina for a mission president conference so it was a little different in the office! But still way busy, I feel like there were so many places to go. For 2 days I spent like 12 hours just driving around Asuncion-I was done at the end. Too much traffic here ha. I hate getting stuck behind a colectivo because there are rarely opportunities to get around  them. You just have to wait as the people get on and off. Maybe I was sent to Paraguay to learn patience.  As much as I love having almost no traffic rules while driving, I hate it when others don't have rules as well. Imagine yourself in a super long line in Disneyland for the Cars ride and fifty people cut to the front on the outside of the lane. Yeah thats what it feels like while driving. As much as you try to stop them, it doesn't work. Oh and the line at the stoplight. Thats huge. Everyone is trying to get out first. The roads are 1 lane roads but everyone tries to make it to 2 two lane roads. Especially at the stoplight. Thats the point in which they can race to the front. Some people are so good at timing the lights that they will wait patiently in the back until just before the light turns green and they pull out into the incoming traffic and rush to the front of the line. Oh and don't get me started about the moto's. Thats another story completely. They fight their way through traffic whether it be on the right side, the left side, below the car or above they always find a way to get in the way. But don't worry, we are on 36 days without a crash so we are moving up despite all the reckless driving-mostly by the paraguayos but some times us ;)

This week, we were spending a lot of time with Joel to support him for the baptism. They only day we didn't meet with him was Thursday and that was when his tests came. Crazy how fast Satan attacks! Joel doesn't have problems with keeping the Word of Wisdom, or going to church every sunday-no just the opposite. He has a problem with thinking to much about the gospel and wanting to do too much. He gets thinking and than overthinks himself into doubt and insecurity about the church. Satan creeps into his mind this way. But luckily, he has a testimony and never let go of his decision, but help was needed! Like we all need it. Some times, we have trials and difficulties that make us question our testimony. But we should never lose site of our goal and how we can get there! The "iron rod is the word of God". The Book of Mormon will guide us AND protect us in our search for the truth. We explained that to him and he told us that the past couple days he hadn't read it. It truly is a book we should read every day to never waiver in our testimony! 

Elder Zaugg


cleaning the font getting ready for the baptism

getting ready for the baptism, which name tags do you boys have on???

Joel was baptized on 10-15-2016

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