Saturday, May 21, 2016

Jesus Christ

mbaetecopio familia y amigos?!

Twas another swell week. For starters, we had a bunch of missionarries staying in our house this week so we had some rad 5amsoccer games this week! So much funnn.

I learned that Asuncion is an actual city. They actually have a downtown and it actually looks cool. Who would have known. The other mission in Paraguay has basically all the tourist sites and such, but this week, being in the office had its perks. We went and got the mail in down town Asuncion and it had such a dope city landscape, but i forgot my camera:/  Don`t worry, ill get a pic the next time!
Oh. and last Sunday, Familia Vindroff gave us lunch, an American family in our ward that works in the embassy. Shout out to them for saving Mission Corn Tortillas from the states. (corn tortillas dont exist here) So we had tacos. I was so happy, she made reg. tortillas for everyone, and a couple corn tortillas for me. So i ate 8 tacos....... :) I was pumped before and plump afterwords.

We had another awesome lesson, explaining the need for prophets in this world and how Christ established His church when He was on the Earth with Familia Quinde! And they have baptism dates in June! Super exciting! I love this family! Ill take pics of them so you all can see. Sorry I dont have pics yet mom....

Hablando of Christ`s life. How lucky are we to have the sciptures to read of His life. I mean, we have Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John that just solely talk about Him. We have a direct source to learn from the most perfect human being to ever live. Now I know many of you don`t like to read (other than what is on Instagram....but really most of you dont even read that, just look at the pics). You see, the church leaders are so supper smart that we have videos of Christ`s life that are amazing. I didnt know they existed before the mission, but they do and they portray His life, His teachings, His mercy and forgiveness perfectly. You dont have to read anything, just watch a 3 minute clip and learn from Christ. He is OUR Savior and has shown us the way to live, the way to receive forgiveness, the way to forgive, the way to teach, the way to serve, the way to love, the way to listen, the way to walk. May we walk in His footsteps each and every day, and I know for a fact our lives will improve, no matter if you cant imagine your life better right now. 


Im not sure on the order, but heres the 5amsoccer games and my birthday celebration birthday that happened a month ago but we didnt have time to make a gf cake yet.

also CHIPA. i love chipa. its made of almidon, or mandioka starch. its so great, and so amazing. this was a huge one we bought the other day haha. 

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