Saturday, May 14, 2016

Blessing comin down like rain comes down here in paraguay

Another good week come and gone. Really, not much happened.
However, we did teach the 2 families were are working with right now. 

First, the "Q" family.
He is from Ecuador, she is from Paraguay, but they met in Spain. They have 3 kids. 1 with citizenship in Spain, another in Ecuador, and another in Colombia. They showed up to church in the last hour and made our day! They are so awesome and we are super happy to have been blessed by the Lord to work with them! 

Next, the "P" family
Its an older couple, in their 50s, with one 4 yr old that lives with them. The husband is so cool. He has already read the Book of Mormon, and on Tuesday, we taught them the Restoration and he asked us if he could explain it to his wife. He was so stoked to do so. Honestly, the blessings are jus pouring in this area! Even though we havent been able to have a single lesson at night by contacting houses, we have these two families and thats enough for me:) It is serisoulsy the first time I met a man here in Paraguay, that isnt a member, with an interest in the church. And now there are two of them. And they are MARRIED. Thats another thing here. People never get married. Im seriously so stoked! 

Well, really, thats all the news I have for this week, but hey its pretty great news if you ask me. Happy mothers day mom! Talk to you tomorrow!!!

Elder Zaugg


went back to del maestro today for pday to say hi and eat lunch with Hna Leo!!!! shes the best haha

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