Saturday, May 28, 2016

Italian Job

Lets get to the point. I almost got robbed this week. But its chill. We all good thanks to the Holy Ghost. 

So. Being the financiero of the mission, I get to go to the bank and get the money. Well, Ill give you some details. The bank has no parking, so we just have to find parking in these small one way streets. But, lucky for us, there are parking spots 3 blocks away so we always park there. We kind of just head there because we know there will be parking. Well, there are always 2 or more homeless guys that hang out pretty close to where we park, always. But we never thought anything about it. So anyways, back to the story.

At about 7is that morning, as we were at home, all of a sudden I thought, "Maybe we should park somewhere else so it isn't a routine!" But, I didn't think anything of it. So, later that morning we went to the bank, followed the same route looking for parking, couldn't find any parking before we got to the .......... so we parked there, I didn't remember the thought I had that morning. Sure enough, the 2 homeless guys were there. So, we walked to the bank. On the way back from the bank, I randomly decided to close the bag with the money tighter with more straps. Then, as we turn the corner, the homeless guy and I make direct eye contact, and immediately I had the deepest sickest feeling over my whole body. I knew at that moment, before he even did anything, that he was up to something. So, I decided not to cross the street and just keep walking. He took his eye off us for only a couple seconds as he reached to his friend to get something out of his hoodie. It was probably a bazooka or something. Maybe a flamethrower, who knows. Point of the story is it wasn't a candy bar. Then he walked in front of the car, so the only way we would get to the car was if we went through him. My comp started walking across the street, and I eventually just had to yell at him and get him back over and we kept on walking by the car and didn't stop. As soon as we got past the car, he gave off a big shrug and turned around and walked back to his friend. We didn't know how we would get home, but we eventually walked to the hospital and waited with the E. Bickley. 

And then, they homeless guys came into the hospital with machine guns and.......

no im just kidding, once we got to the hospital it was all safe and sound. Sorry if you were expecting a better story, but hey, it was super intense in the moment. Moral of the story is I know without a doubt that the Holy Ghost is REAL. I know without a doubt the Heavenly Father was protecting me this week. I was honestly wondering if I was receiving the same spiritual guidance in this new calling I have, and I got a confirmation this week that He is with me. Heavenly Father will always protect and guide us in our lives, and direct our paths. The Holy Ghost usually doesn't speak in a super loud voice, like the first prompting I received that morning. "Maybe we should park in a different spot." Unfortunately, I didn't pay too much attention to that when the time to park came. I completely forgot about it. But when I turned that corner, it wasn't a still small voice that warned me. Luckily, Heavenly Father communicated with me in a more urgent way. And that is what is awesome to know. When the Holy Ghost prompts us to do something, it is our Heavenly Father speaking to us. 

Elder Zaugg

1. nene malo
2. classic Paraguay. classic.

3. Asuncion

 (My mom requested to see lots of pictures of Paraguay, so here you go!)

Elder Bickley and Elder Ramirez...the APs. I love these guys man!

My Driver's License...I can drive a stick shift now Cutter!!!

A favorite P-day lunch!!!

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