Saturday, January 2, 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New YEAR! 1304.3 MILES WALKED IN PARAGUAY

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas this year! Christmas was definitely different here. 1. its super hot. Over 100 with a ton of humidity, definitely not a white Christmas. 2. the Christmas traditions here are way different! The 24 was insane. Everyone doing shopping for the huge Christmas dinner that night, where most of the people eat it at midnight! (honestly not sure why..) We celebrated that night with the Primary President and her family! It was super fun, we had a great dinner with lots of meat (at 10 bc we had to be in our home at 11). It was super fun, and well, wet. Yes. Wet, and not because of the rain. Merry Christmas too me, I was lucky enough to be presented the present of pee. Yes, her 4 year old son peed on my while I was sitting down. I turned my head just to see him pulling down his pants, and then felt it. Allllll over my arm and my pants. What a lovely gift. Really made it an eventful night! haha. 

But, I loved Christmas. There really is no other place than the mission to remember the true meaning of Christmas, our Savior. We get to remember Him, His birth, His life, and all that He did, for US. For you and for me, for everyone. He gave up His life, so that we could live again. He suffered all the pains and afflictions of the world so that he could comfort us in our times of need. He is always there to help us, all we need to do is remember Him and ask. He already felt our pains, and wants to help us! And because he actually suffered through the pains, He knows what it takes and how to help us push on! Not only did He suffer our pains and afflictions, but He suffered and died for our temptations and sins. Through these sufferings, He made it possibly to repent of our sins, to receive forgiveness and to improve each and every day. Imagine a world without Christ´s atonement, there would be no meaning to life, no chance for life after death. But because Jesus Christ resurrected, ALL will live again, whether good or bad. And because he suffered for our sins, all those who show FAITH in Him and repent of their sins, will receive eternal life. Through his Atonement, we can live forever in happiness, if we follow him and keep the commandments. I know that without our Savior, there would be no meaning to this Earth, but I also know that our Savior, Jesus Christ, atoned for our pains, afflictions, and sins so we might live again with our Father in Heaven. I am eternally grateful for his sacrifice to me, and owe it to Him to try harder each and every day to keep the commandments. 

I challenge you all, this year, to look for ways to show Heavenly Father Jesus Christ that you are grateful for Them, by following his example and serving others, or keeping the commandments, or reading the scriptures, or listening and following the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

Thank you everyone for the Christmas packages! They were so awesome! I love you all, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Elder Zaugg

Step Stats
m   17061   9.3
t     25119   13.8
w   18508    10.1
th   27316    15.0
f     12943    7.1
s    20616    11.3
su  18853     10.3

140,416 steps
76.9 miles! wow.

Thank you Wood Family and others for the ornaments!
 SANTA. :)

 New companion Elder Garcia

today at burger king. my comp with a burger, me with a salad. #GFlife   

 Thank you Danielle!!!!  His favorite

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