Monday, December 21, 2015

Transfers! 1227.40 miles walked in Paraguay!

Hey everyone, this week was a crazy one! So yes, I was transferred. Out of Pedro Juan. Wow that was hard. I hated leaving all of the families there, especially Ruben and his family! I love them so much! When I left, he was crying and it was super sad. Funny thing is, my excomp called me and told me in his prayers he prays more for me than he does for them hahaha. I love it.

So now I am in Del Maestro A, in San Lorenzo, which is south of Asuncion if im not mistaken! Its like, kind of similar to PJC, but not really. The nice thing is its not in the middle of the city with all the pollution and that junk. My new comp is from Uruguay, Elder Garcia. He is a super hard worker. I love it. Last week we found 8 new investigators who accepted the invitation to be baptized including 2 families. We are super stoked for these people, and really have high hopes for many of them to continue to baptism. But like always, we will be praying constantly for them and if you guys want to throw in a few prayers for our investigators, that would be ideal. haha 

I dont have a lot of time this week unfortunately!
love you all!!!
Elder Zaugg

Merrrrrrrry Christmas i love christmas. Unlike Elder Noah Miller, i couldn't wait on a couple packages. Thanks for the fruity pebbles mom. love you:) 

Step Stats

132974 steps


72.9 miles

All the missionaries and the zone leaders from their zone

Very hard time saying goodbye.  This family has done so much for Brody!!! Grateful for the delicious food!!!!

Brody will forever love Reuben.  Reuben made a mug with a picture of both of them on it before he left.  What a treasure!!!

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