Monday, January 25, 2016

baptismmm....1552.60 miles walked in Paraguay WEEK 30

sup friends and fam!

This week was so great! First, we had a baptism this Saturday! A**** D*****! She is awesome, and had to go through soooo much to get baptized. Seriously, there was so much opposition. First, she and her boyfriend broke up because of this. Her family hated it that she was investigating the church. At first, when she would take out her Book Of Mormon to read, they would make fun of her so she downloaded it onto her phone so she could read in peace. Eventually, she didnt care what they thought and just read in the actual book. Her dad supported her decision, and her mom eventually did. The night before her baptism, just a couple hours after her interview, a family member came over and started talking nonsense about mormons and showed her a page on the internet about missionaries. I died when I saw it. The page said that missionaries come from the US and other countries to send information back to the Pentagon...yeah. I bursted out laughing. So anyways, she planned on coming to the baptism with her mom. But at about 4, an hour before her baptism, she called us and said nobody in her family cared and would be coming solo, her mom was sleeping. She showed up to the baptsim and was super super sad. About 3 minutes later, her mom and sister walked into the church. After she left to the church, her mom got up and quickly got ready and sat at the corner from the church and waited for her to arrive. Then came in to the church to surprise her. Yeah, Axxxx was crying. It was super sweet, but super cruel as well hahahaha. 
Best part, they both came on Sunday to church to her confirmation, along with her sisters boyfriend who is an innactive! They loved it. And we are going to start teaching her sister this week, working with her boyfriend as well! It seriously was a miracle from the Lord, he is blessing us in this area so much! 

Another funny story that happened. So one day last week, I didnt have my umbrella, and my face burned. After walking around in the heat and sun for about 4 hours we showed up to a lesson. When the baby saw my face, he started crying. Every single time. He would turn away, then look again, and start crying. All because my face was red. We had talked with this investigator before and after, while the baby was there and doesnt cry when my face is red. It was honestly hilarious. haha. 

Also, this week we had a conference from SLC to all the missionarries in the world. It was sooo good. We heard from a bunch of apostles, but my favorite message I took away was from Elder Bednar, "Have the faith to press forward and go". I love that phrase. Honestly, it comes into my work for these two years so much. And it can help me and you in our everyday lives! When life is hard, we can choose to be depressed or we can do what Elder Bednar advises, "have the faith to press forward and go". With our Savior on our side, we can press forward through all of our trials and receive the strength to do so. I am so grateful for the knowledge this gospel brings. I know the Book of Mormon is true, and I challenge you all, when you have a trial in your life, to open it up and read it, after praying, and look for the answer or comfort you need and you will find it.

Love you all,

Elder Zaugg

134633 steps

73.8 miles

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