Tuesday, January 5, 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 1359.9 miles walked in Paraguay

Well, it really is 2016 already. Time has flown by. 2015 is already over, and I hit 6 months in the mission. Craziness! 
Ok, dont have a ton of time this week, but wanted to start off with a couple funny stories, at least I thought they were funny. Who knows if any of you will even laugh but here it goes. On Saturday we were at lunch with a grandma member. She cooks so much food for us, and it is so good, I always look forward to Lunch on Saturday. So we are sitting down on her couch in her family room and her niece walks in, she is probably 20. And she comes to greet us and shakes our hand. Now all the girls here kiss each other on each cheek to great each other, really only seen a girl and a guy do it like once. Well she shakes our hand and then kisses us on the cheeks, I was laughing so hard inside, trying not to let it come out. It was super awkward bc she hesitated when she went to kiss us on the cheek, and I could tell she was thinking hard about it, and then realized she had already started so she just had to go for it. hahaha. 
Another funny slash cool story has to due with the rain. On Tuesday, we started divisions at night. We had to walk 40 minutes to the meeting place, and then walk back. Well, once we got to the market, and started to walk home, it starting pouring. Soon, we came to a road we had to cross to get into our area-the road was filled with water up to my waist. And it was flowing pretty fast. We thought about what we should do, but there really wasnt any other option but to cross it. My comp nearly fell, it was super funny. But we made it to the other side safely. I did have an umbrella, but it did nothing, obviously. The "river" was super clean too, I wanted to bathe in it with all the trash bags, dead dogs and cats floating down it..  :)

Well, other than that, nothing spectacular happenned. I just wanted to challenge you all to set some good goals for the new year, spiritually, phisically, financially, and actually work on them! Dont just set them and give up on them in 6 days. For example, buying a 3 month gym membership and going twice probably wont do much for you! I have thought a lot about certain goals I have for the mission and after the mission. The best goal i have realized is to read the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon. It truly does strengthen our faith and knowledge in the gospel. If the Book of Mormon is true, it means the Church of Jesus Christ is the true church on the earth today. I know the Book of Mormon is true, and I know this church is true. I know that the B.o.M. contains the word of God, and truly does have the gospel of Jesus Christ. It explains the things we need to do in this life to return and live forever in peace and happiness with our families, and with our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Through reading it, we can strengthen our faith and our hope in the plan God has for us.

I love you all, sorry i dont have time for pictures! Make it a great 2016!

Elder Zaugg

Step Stats:
Mon 10771    5.9
tues 18060     9.9
wed  14430    7.9
thur  15260    8.3
frid   13381    7.3
satu  16939    9.2
sund 12936    7.1

101777steps and 55.6 miles
 Making gluten free pizza for Brody!!!

 It was delicious!!!!

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