Monday, December 7, 2015

hey......1098.5 miles walked in paraguay

hey everyone! So this week was an awesome week. I think I have already told you guys, but right now we are putting together a Nativity here! And this week we worked a lot on that, and everything is coming together! Im so excited for this Saturday, for the Nativity and also for a BAPTISM! This Saturday is the baptism of R....! It is going to be such a great Saturday! 

Well, I do not have much to write about, other than one thing I learned this week, or specifically noticed! So us missionaries have been a little stressed about this activity! And there have been times we have wanted to cancel because of many reasons..... But every time I have the idea to cancel it, I see a blessing, either that day or the next. I know for a fact that Heavenly Father wants us to succeed, He wants us to be happy, He wants to help us in our lives. Every day I am praying that the activity will continue with success, and I have seen so many things come together that have strengthened my testimony that Heavenly Father does answer my prayers. I have such a great feeling about the Nativity this Saturday because of these blessings every day. I feel that Heavenly Father is telling us to keep going, and it will all be worth it. And this is EXACTLY like our lives. We all go through trials, and have different problems come up. Sometimes, we lose track of what is really important, which for me, are two things. The gospel and my family. When we have times when we want to give up on either of these 2 things, I know that we can pray to our Heavenly Father, and He will do exactly what He is doing now for me, He will show us small tender mercies in our lives. He will show us his grace, and He will tell us, through the tender mercies to keep going, it will all be worth it in the end. 

I know for a fact, it will all be worth it in the end. I know that all our trials will help us grow stronger. I know that living the gospel will all be worth it in the end. It brings true happiness. I know there is life after death, and that we can all live with Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, AND our families for eternity if we do not give up on them, if we keep going and keep trying. Love you all, thanks for your support and make it a great week! And just remember, Heavenly Father is only a prayer away!

Elder Zaugg

step stats:

15729   8.6
12244   6.7
15529  8.5
23732   13.1
21592   11.9
11921   6.2
6410     3.5

58.5 Miles Walked this week

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