Monday, December 14, 2015

Miracle Week....Semana 24........1154.5 miles walked in Paragay

Hey everyone! Wow this week was so amazing, and I dont even have enough time to tell you all exactly what happened. So first of all, it rained every day this week. We prayed so much that we would have sun on Saturday because we had the baptism and Nativity. Well, at 2 in the morning I woke up on Saturday to a huggggee rain storm, winds and rain like crazy, and inmediately said a prayer that we would have sun. Well it continued raining up until 12, and then stopped. And in 30 minutes, there was sun and blue skies. Instantly, we knew it was a miracle from God that the rain stopped. It was supposed to rain the whole day, the entire sky was black and I couldnt see any sunshine or any glimpse of blue but all of a sudden, it stopped. 
So then at 3 we had the baptism! Wow, what a special day. So Ruben Ojeda was baptized.  He is 10 and he is amazing. Hes like my best friend slash my little brother. So here´s the miracle. About a month and a half ago, we were walking to church on sunday and a girl stopped her moto on the other side of the street and asked if the church was open yet. Then we kept on walking and we showed up to church and there she was. She told us that her family were members but ahdnt been to church in years and years, like 8 years. Her mom wouldnt let her go to church alone because she was scared something bad would happened to her or something, so Sara told her mom at 18 she would go to church. So there she was, at church the week after her 18th birthday. She told us she had a younger brother who wasnt a member, so we went and taught him and in 1 month he was baptized. And he literally had a testimony and wanted to be baptized, he knew exactly what baptism is and what it means and was so happy to be baptized. I was so grateful that he asked me to baptize him, and after he was baptized, I hugged him like 3 times I felt so much love for him. It is crazy how much love i develop for people that change their lives and make the committment with God to follow his commandments! 

And then that night we had the Nativity! It turned out so perfect, we rusty as for the acting, but so perfect. About 100 people came, a ton of less actives and investigators, and it really was amazing. We had about 20 members acting, and then showed 4 bible story videos from the church website and the christmas messages from last year and this year throughout. I am so grateful for all the blessings and miracles we received for the Nativiity to turn out like it did.

I love you all. I love this gospel. I love the mission. I wanted to leave you all with a quote (it might be worded slightly differently..but basically a quote ok) that I read in a Christmas book by Henry B. Eyring.

"With all that we know, how much more do we want to give the Savior a gift for Christmas? But how can we possibly know what to give him? He already has everything. Well, not quite. He doesnt have you yet, living with him forever in happiness. I hope this warms your heart like it does mine to know how much our Savior wants you to return to live with him forever. You cant give him this gift today, or this Christmas, but you can show him you want to give the gift to him today, by prayer. By reading a page of scripture. By keeping a commandment."

Im so grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ. I challenge you all to show him you want to give him this gift for Christmas, you want to live with him forever, and you can show him through prayer, throught scripture study, through obedience to a commandment today.
Love you all.

Elder Zaugg

18425   10.1
18227   10,0
14167   7,8
6179     3,3
14024   7,7
20123   11,5
10297   5,6
56 miles

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