Monday, November 23, 2015

Your future is as bright as your faith...999.5 miles in Paraguay

Hey friends! Hope you all had an amazing week! Sorry I couldnt email you all last week, actually kind of a funny story! So we got to the cyber (an internet place) and asked to use 2 computers. The lady tells us there are no more computers working. I look around and see 5 computers that arent being used, but the screens are black so assume they really are not working. So we sat down by some other missionarries, 6 of them, to just wait for a computer to open up. Well about 20 minutes later, a couple people walked in and asked to use a computer, and the lady said, yes, use these ones! So yes, the computers worked, she just didnt want more missionarries using them I guess! haha But Im up and at it today so hope your all ready for such a bomb email! 

To start off the amazing email, I will begin by saying, really nothing exciting happened this week. Sorry, not so great so far, hopefully it gets better. But today we made French Toast and Buttermilk Syrup (and i made myself gluten free pancakes) and that was so delicious. So that was fun to start of Pday! Other than that, not much! But, last Saturday was awesome! We had a baptism in the ward! That was a super awesome experience. It wasnt actually an investigator we were teaching, Daihana a girl in our ward who turned 8 but she asked me to baptize her! I was so honored and grateful that her family wanted me to baptize her! They have been so awesome to me in my time here in Pedro Juan! The best part was her testimony afterwards, she began to give her testimony and when she explained how happy was, she burst into tears! The Spirit was so so strong and I felt so good! And yes, almost everyone in the room begain to cry, including me. It was such an awesome experience to hear such a sincere testimony and happiness that baptism brings!

This week, during studies I came across a quote from President Monson.
"Your future is as bright as your faith."
I love this quote! I was studying about faith this week, and one word that kept coming up in my studies was trust. We need to trust in our Savior. Trust him in all things. One thing I have learned out here is that if I trust in my Savior Jesus Christ, everything will work out. I have learned to trust in his Atonement, and I know with all surety that he can comfort us in times of pain or sadness, help us through our trials, and provide the peace we need that comes through repentance. I am so grateful for my Savior, and have learned that the quote from President Monson is true, my future truly is as bright as my faith, and if I have the faith, or trust, in Jesus Christ that everything will work out, I cant wait to see what the future has in store for me. (maybe ill get to meet Carrie Underwood or something, I dont know)

I love you all! Thanks so much for your support! Happy Thanksgiving! Ill celebrate by eating chicken or something.
Elder Zaugg

The baptism! Yes, she put frosting all over my face so naturally she needed some too. 

Step Stats
20457   11.4   mon
16279   8.9    tues
16162   8.8    wed
17303   9.5    thurs
18655  10.3   fri
14087  7.7    sat
14826  8.1    sun
117769 STEPS
64.7 MILES

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