Tuesday, November 10, 2015


First, I want to thank you all for the emails and packages! Both make my day!!!!!!!!!!!! Well this week we had transfers!!!! I really really wanted to stay in Pedro Juan! Andddd I am going to stay here for at least one more change! I am so happy! I got a new companion, Elder Macahuachi! He is from Peru! (not sure if you guys can pronounce his name, I know absolutely nobody here knows how to say his name) He is awesome! A little bit about him. Well, he loves rice, chicken, and soccer. So yeah we get along really well! Hahaha. I am so excited to work with him now! In only 4 days my spanish has gotten so much better, and after this change Ill for sure be fluent! 3 cheers for that my friends. 

Well this week we found a bunch of new people to start teaching, and I am so happy for that. Especially for one! We had a less active member in our area reactivate by herself a couple weeks! And her younger brother isnt a member! So we went and visited her this week, and challenged them both to read the book of mormon by conference! They both started reading, and he (who knows nothing about the church because his parents have not been active for a long time). He has a baptism date and he really wants to be baptized! We are so excited for him! 

We also had another investigator come to church for the first time, who we stopped teaching weeks ago because she told us she did not have a desire to keep investigating! Well we went by her house, and she really wants to learn more about baptism, and why it is important. We explained that baptism is so important because it really does wash away our sins. We cannot live with God, Jesus Christ, and our families forever if we are not baptized by the proper authority. I know that the church is true, and i know that in this church, we have the Priesthood authority. 

Sorry for the shortish email and no pictures, they will be on the blog tomorrowish! 
The one challenge I want to leave with you all is the same challenge we left with our member and investigator. Start the Book of Mormon right now, and finish by General Conference. And while you are reading it, ask to receive your answer by the Holy Ghost that it is true, and I promise that if you do that with faith that you will get an answer, you will.

Love you all!
Elder Zaugg

Step Stats
mon   14730   8.1
tues   24150   13.2
wed   13536   7.4
thur   13517   7.4
frid    21118   11.6
sat    10691     6.2
sun    13460  7,3

Totals  111,202  Steps 61.2 MILES

Elder Macahuachi......
 Got three packages on this transfer!  So excited!  

Sharing my Peeps and other treats with my friends!!!

Family Home Evening at the Church
American Night
Cooking Hamburgers!

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