Monday, October 19, 2015

Semana 16 Miracles.....686 miles walked in Paraguay

Wow this week I had two awesome experiences I wanted to share with you all. 
First, Saturday. We had a service project with a family in our ward. We were doing yard work and such with him, cutting down some trees, cutting the grass, cleaning up the yard. We got there and asked how they were doing and they said they were all right, not great. Well why? Then they told us they have no money and their meal was terere, water with some herb(its basically grass...) This bothered me and I wanted to do something for them but we are told not to give people money. We asked if they had the machete to start working but they did not. So we went to another members house to get one. On the way back, a man selling oranges in his truck stopped us and gave us each 2 oranges. It was not much but I knew immediately that those oranges were meant to help this family and I was soooo happy. We got to their house with 2 machetes and 4 oranges, and they were so so happy, it was so great to see a big smile on the Hermana's face!

The other experience happened just last night. We are in Asuncion right now because I have to go to migrations. So we took a colectivo last night at 10 pm. I fell right asleep (they are recliner chair busses, and super comfortable). But then my comp woke me up at 11ish. I asked what was going on and he pointed to the front of the bus. 3 policemen were in the front checking everyones passport. They looked more like from the army, with their heavy duty gear and huge machine guns. They started taking everyones passport. Well he only had a copy of his passport, and I have nothing. Instantly I said a prayer that we would get through, because I did not want them to take us off this bus at alllll. So we were super worried at what they would say. A man came, he gave him the copy but the guy wanted more. He said we had nothing else and that is why I am going to Asuncion. The man walked passed with his copy, irritated. He came back and began interrogating us. Just when it seemed like he was about to make us get off the bus, another man came and said hey lets go. He showed him the copy of the passport, but they guy said its fine, we have to go. That was such an answer to my prayer, and I felt the spirit so so strong. I know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers. He is always watching out for everyone of His children. He will answer your prayers and watch over us through the Holy Ghost and also through other people. I am so so grateful to have been part of 2 miracles this week. 
I love you all so much!
 The bus has tons of room
Headed to Asuncion
Elder Zaugg
The pictures below are of the Branch President and his 2nd Counsellor and some of the kids in the families.  The woman who passed away last week was the Mother in Law of the two men.

1. How do you do your laundry? We pay a woman in the ward to wash our clothes
2.  How is "G"coming for baptism? She is on track for baptism, but her new date is Nov. 7. She wants to go to church more before she is baptized. I really really hope i stay in Pedro Juan for another transfer. We have transfers nov 3. And we are teaching 3 other people that I really think will be baptized in  nov or dec!
3.  What are you going to Asuncion For?  Migration Stuff
4.  How is the Branch President doing and their families with their loss?  they are doing better! they take death here really really hard, harder than i have ever seen it in the states!

Step Stats
mon  22066  12.1
tues  15147  8.3
wed   15286  8.4
thur   14493  7.9
frida  9684    5.3
satu  21204  11.6
sund 13777  7.5

totals 111657 steps and 61.1 miles

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