Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Funeral....624.9 miles walked in Paraguay

This week I got an up close look at a funeral process and the South American traditions here. Wow. It was super sad, and very different. First, once the person dies everything is done in 24 hours, the viewing, the service, and the burial. The hermana that passed away was super strong in the church. She was so awesome to us missionaries and we loved talking to her and her husband. While at the viewing, I heard cries of pain that I have never heard before. Being a member of this church, I know that death is a part of the plan that God has for each and everyone of us, but it isnt the end. There IS life after death. The daughters really had trouble with their mom passing away and some of them nearly fainted from crying and screaming so loud. It was super sad. However, at the service on Sunday in the church, the Holy Ghost filled the room and was so so strong. It was a feeling of peace for everyone their, even her daughters. I know the hermana is enjoying peace and happiness right now. She is in a state of rest. And why? Because she endured in the faith until the end. She prepared herself in this life, for eternity.

I am so grateful for this church, and for the knowledge it brings me. I know that there is life after death, and that our life now is a time to prepare for eternity, to live with God, our Father, Jesus Christ, and our families forever in peace. I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost, who will comfort us and guide us in our times of need, and throughout our lives if we are worthy. I know that through faith in Jesus Christ, repentance, baptism by someone who has that authority (priesthood) to baptize, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and continuing to the end strong in the gospel, we can be eternally happy with our families even after death.
I love you all!
Make it a great week!
Elder Zaugg

step stats this week
mon  16836  9.2
tues  19654 10.7
wed   15980 8.7
thurs  14830 8.1
fri      20108  11.0
sat    9381   5.2
sun   13634 7.4

totals  110423   60.3 

Family Home Evening....Expecting 6 families and no one showed! :(

These sisters remind me of Chloe and Lucy.....

One of the Best meals I have had so far in Paraguay....Delicious!

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