Monday, September 14, 2015

Semana 11.....NO SHAME......358 miles walked in Paraguay

This week was crazy weather wise. Earlier in the week it was really hot, about 105 and then this weekend it was pouring rain and about 50 degrees! I learned something interesting about the people here..they are terrified of the rain and of the cold. It is really funny actually. They do not go to work, or even leave their houses when it is raining! 

Ok so I have a story to tell you guys, that I thought was pretty hilarious. Last Sunday we were walking along the highway and a little girl just pulled down her pants and started peeing, with the help of her mother, right along the edge of the road! I just laughed and my companion said, "Well at least it is not a grown woman!" Well then on Monday, we were walking along the same busy one lane highway, just a bit further up the road and a grown woman pulled down her pants and started peeing just off the road! It was so ironic we instantly started laughing!

If there was only one thing I had learned so far(which there is a lot more) but one thing that really sticks out is patience! I have learned how important it is to have patience with so many things, with the language, with the people, with personal trials! Patience really goes hand in hand with Faith and Hope. I want to focus about being patient with our trials. In order to be patient, we need to have faith in the Lord. We need to have the faith and trust in him to know that with time, we will understand why we are going through a specific trial. We should trust that whatever we are going through, will eventually benefit us in the long run. Our Heavenly Father knows everything, and everything that is best for us. There is a reason we are going through the difficult time, we just need to trust in him that it is for our benefit! Also, we need to have the hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. When I hurt my back, I really struggled with being patient! I just wanted to be healed and get back to my normal life. Looking back at that experience, I have learned that there was definitely a reason I went through that, and I learned so much from that experience!

I know that our Heavenly Father is always guiding our lives. He knows us, he loves us, and he wants us to learn and grow. And what better way to grow by having experiences? Even if they are not our favorite, we will learn, and become better people! I am so grateful to know that there is a plan for me and that I am always being watched over and protected. I promise to all of you, that no matter what hardship you have or are going through right now, there is a reason for it. I challenge you to face it head on, with patience, knowing that one day, you will understand why, and that there will be an end to the trial some day. I love you all, hope you have the best week possible!

Elder Zaugg

So the pics, my camera memory card has a bug(pretty sure) so I send pictures to my mom through the wifi and she puts them on my blog! But here are two pictures! One of me loving the skittles my mom sent, and the other a casual selfie.

Step Stats!
monday   20744   11.4
tuesday   16154   8.8
wed        20557   11.3
thursday 15911    8.7
friday      12244    7.0
saturday 17195    9.3
sunday   15925    8.7

totals     118,230 steps and 65.2 miles

The totals are right but i couldn't really read my handwriting so I hope the numbers are right haha

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