Wednesday, July 15, 2015


First, I wanted to thank everyone for the emails, letters, and packages! I love getting them so much! It's awesome to get to pick them up from the mail room:)

Last week I don't really even remember what I talked about in my email, it was probably all over the place haha This week I wanted to talk about service! I watched this super super awesome video called "Lift". It is about a group of men serving a woman with multiple sclerosis, who truly is one in a million. I love how their attitudes change throughout the time that the serve her for over 7 years, and still ongoing. Here is the link, I hope.. haha 

It is one of the most inspiring videos I hope you all have the chance to watch it!

Personal Story
Last Wednesday (after I emailed), the new missionaries came to the MTC. Over 500 came in. Each missionary that reports has a "host missionary". Really just another missionary that helps them get their materials and too their room and then to class. There is a little while that the new missionary goes into a building to get his/her materials and the host walks around with ALL of their bags to meet them on the other side. Hosts are sisters and elders, and so many times, sisters host an elder just to get on the other side of the building and another elder takes him to his room. Well, the sisters, and elders too, struggle a lot to carry the 3-4 bags, sometimes, if they were anything like my bags) weighing about 70 pounds each. So my companion and I sat at the top of the slope (we did not get to be hosts) and helped as many missionaries as we could with the bags. We took so many bags for sisters that were assigned to elders for the beginning. It made our day so much better to spend an hour and a half serving others. I know that if you perform service for someone, you will feel so great about it. Just being able to see the look on their faces when they are so happy to have someone notice they need help is awesome! I challenge everyone to try and serve someone everyday, even if is just holding the elevator door open for someone who is running to catch it!

Random Story
Every single building here is built out of bricks. I am not kidding, the outside is bricks, the inside is bricks, the carpet probably has bricks under it. So, my district and I thought it would be fun to count a room of bricks and then see how many bricks are in the building. We didn't even count our whole room before we got bored but decided there has to be 300,000 bricks in each building..maybe. Some other fun things that happen are gym time. Gym time is so great. We play sand volleyball almost every time (Yes, mom I still do physical therapy, or at least try to) Without fail, every single day someone gets hit in the face. Once it was a girl in my district, then yesterday it was a guy in my district and myself. Funny story is I was actually the one to hit myself in the face with the ball. I was running away from the net trying to hit the ball behind me but just hit it straight into my nose, and if you have never got hit in the nose with a ball, here is something you should know. It instantly brings tears to your eyes, almost every time. It isn't that it hurts so bad that you cry, but that for some reason, your eyes decide to cry. 

Well, this week went by so much faster than last week! I learned so much to help me on the mission. Spanish is coming along really really well! I've learned how important it is to show love to people and serve them! I hope you all get a chance to serve someone this week!

Elder Zaugg
PICS: I figured out how to send them! 
1. Companion on 4th of July
2. District at the temple

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