Wednesday, July 22, 2015

WEEK 3 Half Way There (MTC Life)

Well, I have been here 3 weeks now. I've heard this from a lot of people and it is so true: "THe days go by as weeks and the weeks go by as days". The days in the MTC can be very long because we sit in the same classroom for almost all of the time learning the language and the gospel. But after looking back, I cannot believe how fast these weeks flew by!


The oldest district in our zone left this week. They helped us so much when we got into the MTC it was a little sad to see them leave but awesome to see how excited they were! I can't wait to get to Paraguay! ANyways, everyone in the MTC has random things that get passed down from one room to another. So the Elders that left gave us our inheritance. And I inherited one of the most valuable items in our dorm rooms: a fan. A simple fan. It is so hot at night but I finally got a fan. Other things that were passed down include nerf guns and bullets, a couple styrofoam swords, some bubbles, and a Doritos ninja suit. Literally, a suit made out of Doritos bags. 

Personal Story

We taught a member on Monday, like a Family Home Evening. Just before we got into the lesson, we had a feeling to switch from teaching about service, to the Atonement. We shared with her how Christ suffered for our sins, not only our sins, but our pains and afflictions too. Through him, we can be healed and find joy. And shared that we need to repent of our sins in order for us to live with him again. In Helaman 5:10 (If I remember correctly), it says that Christ atoned for us to be saved of our sins, not in our sins. We can only be forgiven of our sins if we recognize them, confess to Heavenly Father, and promise to stay away from that sin. After we taught the member, she wrote an evaluation for us. On the sheet she said, "You answered my prayers". It was the coolest experience for us so far. We felt the Holy Ghost during that lesson so much and to have her tell us that was amazing. 

Que es su proposito

What is our purpose? The New York Times Website has Audio Stories Entitled "One in 8 Million". They are about 3 min long but some of them can be really inspirational. Some videos I really enjoyed were called: 'Freda Degannes: The Walking Miracle', 'Naisi Zhao: The Mormon Missionary'. One of my favorite ones though was 'Mark Mocha: The ex Bank Robber'. Mark robbed 9 banks in Long Island. He was eventually caught and served time in prison. He is now a certified addictions counselor. He loves helping others change their loves and move away from their addictions. His purpose now, is to help teach others the way of truth and teach them how to abandon addictions. In Mosiah 4:15, it says, "Buy ye, (and I like to add my name there) will teach them to walk in the ways of truth and soberness; ye, (Brody) will teach them to love one another, and to serve one another". Everyone is a teacher in their life. Mark teaches others how to get over their addictions, others teach children at school, but the best teachers in my life were my parents. Parents do a lot of teaching. I want to follow the example of my parents and teach my kids to walk in the ways of truth, to be kind and love everyone, to always tell the truth, and to show respect to everyone, to serve someone in need, and to listen and obey the commandments/rules of adults, teachers, and most importantly our Heavenly Father. I know that Heavenly Father loves each and everyone of us. I know we are his children and he wants what is best for us. By obeying the commandments, I know we can return to live with him. 
Elder Zaugg
The Branch President, President Williams and his wife Sylvia Zaugg Williams
(YES...Zaugg is right.  She is cousins with Brody's Grandfather!)
What a sweet Tender Mercy that was to find out he was in the MTC with family!

Elder Mark Brown (the juggling record holder at the MTC & a Best Friend!

The "things" that they inherited! 
Elder Noah Miller (an eternal best friend)  & Brody

Elder Daniel Tebbs (Brody's companion) & Sister Corriveau (long time family friend)

More fun with their "inheritance"
Jeff Kerr (works at MTC)  found Brody during exercise time and got a picture!
(Thanks Brooke for getting this for us!)

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