Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Semana Quarto

I can't believe I have been in the MTC for nearly a month now! Time has flown by. We took a trip to Narnia this week. Actually just today, we were playing volleyball outside. Someone hit the ball past the court and it went into a little hole in the gate and down a really big hill. One of the guys in our district went through the hole and down the hill to get it and BAM. 3 deer pop out of the trees and start running along the hill right next to him. He was pretty scared actually and our district got a really good laugh out of that. We didn't really have time to listen if the deer could talk because we needed to get back to our game of volleyball but it was really cool. (except for the fact that the sand volleyball courts were full of deer poop today).

In 12 days I will be heading to Paraguay. I can't wait to get there! I love the MTC and all the friends I have made here but I want to get down there and share the gospel with the people!

I want to share with you 2 Nephi 25:26.

I love this scripture because it explains what I am doing right now, and what the Book of Mormon teaches about. This book testifies purely of Christ and I am trying to help others come unto Christ. I love this gospel so much and I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve my Savior. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is of Christ. We teach of Christ, we talk of Christ, and we help others come closer to Him. I love you all, thank you so much for the letters and packages--they make my day!

Elder Brody Zaugg

Pic:This is our district playing Volleyball this morning!

Left to right: Elder Tebbs, Sister Dean, Sister Knudson, ME, Elder Hill, Elder Semu, Elder Bacon, Elder Karren, Elder Walker, & Elder Hawkins

Sister Knudson, Sister Dean, Elder Tebbs 

P.S.-my mom set up a blog for me (yes, she can do everything) if you want to check it out and maybe see a couple more pictures here is the link! 


  1. I am so impressed with your Blog!! Your emails are a testimony of YOUR testimony! We're looking forward to hearing about Paraguay very soon!!

  2. These are the memories you will keep forever. So proud of you and your exciting adventure to be able to share the teachings of our Father in Heaven with the Lucky people in Paraguay! Love GaGa.