Tuesday, December 6, 2016

House Hunters

My family and I would always sit down and watch House Hunters on Sundays while doing our laundry. Its basically our weekly tradition...really any of the house shows on HGTV. Well...these past couple weeks, Elder Parada and I were on the shows! kind of...A new senior couple arrived to the mission. They will work here in the church offices in the finance departments so it has been our job to find them a house. We went with them looking at 5 or so different apartments. Really, there wasn't even the suspense like there is at the end of House Hunters when you see which of the 3 options the couple will pick. We knew after we went through one of the last apartments that it was the one they wanted. It was pretty fun going and seeing new and nice apartments. Unfortunately the places weren't for us because we really wanted to move into some of them! Now we are moving on to step 2: the furniture. 

This week we were without internet here in the office until yesterday...So that was pretty rough. But we were able to get a bunch of other things done so it all worked out. When the technician came to fix it yesterday, he was here for about an hour. After he finished he asked me to test it. So, I pulled up a page to test it. It was super fast! But....2 seconds after I tested it, the power went out..... #Paraguay I will now missing coming back to normal electricity in the states!!!! 

On Sunday we ate with the Cranners...our last lunch with them! It was a very sad departure...they leave at the end of this month back to the states! I will miss them a lot! It has been super fun to have them in the ward! Oh...and I will also miss all the food they gave us :)

So I'm sure you all know the church came out with their Christmas video again...its so great! I love the theme. WE are the light of the world. Of course, Christ is the original light of the world, but now it is our turn to light up the world. It is our turn to act in a way Christ would act. The 25 days of Christmas calendar-what better way is there to remember the true meaning of Christmas!

It is all about giving. It is better to give than to receive. And come on, we all know how great it is to receive!! But it truly is better to give; God gave us His son. Christ gave us his atoning sacrifice so that we might be forgiven according to our faith in him and repentance. And now, it is our turn to give a little bit to everyone around us, to show our gratitude to our Savior and truly follow in his footsteps. And this isn't just a great thing to do for this Christmas season, but a great thing to continue doing! Spreading the joy and light of Christ is what heals the soul, is what brings peace, is what brings more joy and light to ourselves. 

My brother Cutter is about to just that! I'm so proud of his decision to serve a mission. For 2 years, he will spread joy and light of our Savior. Our redeemer suffered for our sins, and by doing so, he gets to choose the requirements to receive forgiveness from our sins and  to be cleansed of the manchas that spotten our body. And what does he ask? The we have AND show faith in him through repentance, baptism by immersion, receiving the gift of the holy ghost that will serve as a constant companion to guide us back to our Heavenly Father, and to keep his commandments enduring to the end of our lives. The gospel of Jesus Christ is something so simple, so basic to follow, but so complex that it takes a life time to ever learn just how perfect our Savior was and how we can live it to the absolute very best of our ability. I love you Cut! Can't wait for you to have the experiences that await you in Córdova. 


Elder Zaugg

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