Friday, December 30, 2016

"Does He Have Health Problems?" - Change Week

What a great Christmas present it is to have changes the week after! No, not really but Christmas was great!! I loved getting to see my family so happy! So yeah, this week was changes and some pretty funny things happened. But first, let me tell you guys how Elder Parada and I were Santa’s helpers.

Saturday- December 24th, We were out doing some errands and on our way to Quattro D (an amazing ice cream place) to order ice cream for the newbies during changes. We parked across the Street and as we were walking there, Elder Parada said, “Is that Hna Evans?..” “Oh..nevermind, she is playing with a dog.” Then I looked over and said, “Woah! That does look like Hna Evans!......Wait….that IS Hna Evans! What is she doing with a dog?” So we ran over to her and she said… “She [the dog] is the Christmas present to Travis…We still don’t know if we made a good decision”. President needed us to watch her (Holly is her name) and then at midnight, we took her over to his house. So, we were some pretty good elves that night and got her over safe and sound.

Monday-Elder Bickley (chausito), Elder Crofts, Elder Parada and Elder Ticeran went to get the South mission’s van so we could borrow it to do changes.

While they were there, the Financiero for the South mission asked, “So is Elder Zaugg still in the office?”

Elder Bickley replied, “Yep, he’s still there.”

South Mission-“Does he have health problems or something? Is that why he has been in there so long?”

Elder Bickley and the others burst out laughing, and so did I when they told me what happened. I’ve been in here 6 changes so naturally, they think I have health problems. Well luckily, the people in our mission didn’t think that…6 changes and then training isn’t craziness so they just figured I was in here a long time. So changes come around and out of the 4 office elders, guess how many are training a new Elder to take his place? 3!!!! So obviously, I’m one of them and probably Elder Parada-I have been here the longest after all……WRONG. Elder Parada, Elder Proffit, and Elder Cárdenas are all training new people to do their jobs and I'll be seeing out the last of the office crew!

“Oh great,” I thought, “Now people really are going to think I have health problems!!” 

Elder Proffit is training Elder Behrens to be the new Secretary. Elder Behrens just came down from Filadelfia (the chaco). Elder Bickley (ex-asistente) is headed out to Filadelfia to finish his last 1 ½ changes! He is super stoked. Elder Fairbanks is the new asistente.Elder Cárdenas entered the office last change. He finished his training for the Cartero this week, and will turn around and train Elder Avellaneda to be the new cartero, and Elder Parada will train Elder Cárdenas to be the new Fichero. Overall, it was a good change. I’m super stoked for all the 5:30am soccer games we are going to have with so many people in the office now!

Wednesday-Changes. Everything was going well until it came to getting the Pedro Juan Caballero people off to their colectivo…It left at 2:15 and they arrived just a minute late. So, the Company put them on taxis to catch up to it! Well, they didn’t catch up to it, or so sad Santania, the Company. Oh, best part? The 4 missionaries left without phones. So there was no way to contact them! The Company had no way to contact the taxis so we were just stuck not knowing if they made it or not, where they were, and what they were planning. We called the missionaries in Pedro Juan and told them to be at the terminal at 8 to pick them up. We acted like we knew they were on there sooo we were hoping they were. We actually expected them to show up at the office or call us from the terminal a couple hours later but it never happened! Turns out, they did make it there because we never received calls from their comps asking where they were! Haha

Thursday-A very sad day. Elder Ticeran and Hna Jara left. Hna Jara was the Hna leader when I came to the office and was here for 5 changes, until the Hna Leaders were moved to a different área. She is super awesome! Elder Ticeran…too much to say! I loved having him here in the office for the past 7 months. It was so much fun and we are definitely gonna miss him. It was hard for him to leave, and some tears were shed but hopefully we see him again some time soon! They both flew back to Peru super early Thursday morning. 

A little more info about Quattro-D. So as of late we started ordering ice cream there for conferences, changes and such. Well we are going to order lomito arabes from there this monday. The boss loves me. He has given me so much free ice cream I love it. He gave Elder Parada and I free hamburgers. And yesterday, I called him about the lomitos. I told him we usually get them from another store and they are half the price than his. He told me he would make it for that price. It wouldn't be the same size as the ones in his store but that it would be great. Then he said, "You know what? Are you in your office? I'll send you 1 right now so you can see it..No, I'll send you 2 for your comp as well. If you like it, you get them here". So then about 30 min later, a guy called me and said he was outside the office with 2 lomitos ready for us to try. I love it. :) 

Make it a great week everyone!

Elder Zaugg

Elder Ticeran

Hermana Jara

Elder Parada, Elder Crofts, Hermana Jara

Going to miss Elder Ticeran

Elder Crofts, Elder Proffit (back) Elder Ticeran, Elder Parada

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