Saturday, November 26, 2016

Do your Very Best

What a week! Well....2 weeks really. We planned for changes 2 weeks ago, found out missionaries were not coming, but igual still had changes. Then we had the Rasband Concert...So less sleep. And then the new missionaries came, so changes round 2! Plus I got sick...But it ended great with a Thanksgiving lunch with the Evans today! 

So, Elder Rasband chose to speak about a lot of things, he read the dedicatory prayer of Paraguay for missionary work. That was awesome! There are so many more people here that will come to know the gospel! And he related this to a quote the President Hinckley used to say, "Do Your Best". He explained one story how he changed the quote, and said "Do your VERY best". And that is what we need to do now as missionaries. I really like that quote. It's a great quote to live by. He explained that yes, we are supposed to do our best, that is what Christ asks of us. But there is a difference between "our best" and "our very best". He talked more, but I want to relate that topic from Saturday's mission conference to Sunday's special stake conference with the Asunción Norte Stake...luckily the stake I'm in right now! He explained 6 things necessary to build and strengthen family culture in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
1. Personal and Family Prayer
2. Personal and Family Scripture Study
3. FHE-any night or day of the week!
4. Pay honest tithe and offering
5. Serve our neighbor and help the poor and needy
6. Stand in Holy Places-homes, church, and temples

Now was this a mind breaking list? Was it something new? No! The basics once again coming from the mouth of an apostle. And that is why I know they are so important! The basics are what strengthen our testimony. It really helped me set goals (for now, but also for after the mission) to do my VERY best to fulfil these basic things all the time! If we do that, blessings will pour down from heaven! Doing our very best can apply to other things as well, whether it be sports or school or anything! Why dedicate time to something if we don't want to do our very best? So, go out this week doing your very best at everything you do, and I bet you will see some great blessings in your life from doing it!
Happy thanksgiving everyone!

Elder Zaugg

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