Sunday, November 20, 2016

Lost keys.....

Heres a pic of us at the temple. Sorry, we have no time today! It was changes this week (no sleeping), surprise! Im still in the office!!! The only one training is Elder Ticeran. Oh, another surprise. NO NEW MISSIONARIES! There are VISA problems so we only got 1 new missionary, a Paraguayan...hopefully it gets figured out soon! And.....Elder Rasband comes tomorrow! So the whole mission is coming to Asuncion for a conference. For that reason, p-day was a shorter one today:) But Ill make it a great one next week!

Elder Zaugg
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, today after lunch we went and played volleyball outside. We played for about 1.5 hours then wanted to go inside and realized everyone left their keys, phones, and wallets inside the office, and it has an auto lock once it closes....we were stranded! Travis was there and luckily had his phone so we called President.....they were forever away! We ended up playing for almost 4 hours because we had nothing else to do! It was super fun though! Then elder crofts and I played 2 v 2 soccer with some teenagers and invited them to our soccer tournament the 30th! They were pretty good, but we won!:)

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