Saturday, June 11, 2016


No group email today but I got a few questions answered thought I would journal........

Who is your new Companion?

Elder Nyberg left like May 20th or something. He was a stud! Elder Hunsaker is my new companion, since Elder Nyberg left.  He is from AZ too, he went to skyline! He's super cool! He is the secretary.  He goes home in a few months.   I have really liked all of my companions.  They have all been different from each other but good!

What does the Secretary do?

He runs presidents schedule and deals with missionaries and VISAS and stuff like that. 

 Have you been teaching this past week?

These past 2 weeks have been super busy, haven't really been able to teach too many people. With President leaving he's fixing everything in the mission, which means buying a lot which is my job and just a bunch of stuff to do! haha the families we were teaching stopped progressing about 2 and a half weeks ago unfortunately...

What kind of things need fixed?

Well about half the mission is getting new beds, none of the houses have the proper cooking supplies (pots and pans etc) then we have an audit at the end of the month and so that will be stressful getting ready for its crazy what ya learn on the mission. never thought id have an audit! 

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