Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Happy Father's Day Dad!

Hey freinds and fam! Its been a great and busy week. We are quickly coming to the end of June, and with that, the end of President McMullin´s time here in Paraguay. And you know what that means, the office is bussssssssssy. Yep, we are getting everything ready for President Evans to come in. President McMullin is awesome. I really am going to miss him. He has truly set an example to me in the 1 year I have known him. He is such a busy man. Being a mission president is not easy work, I only have a small glimpse of what he does but man, he is such a hard worker. And most importantly, he always fits time into his super super busy schedule to spend time with his family. I)t definitely makes me think, "I will always make time for my family when I have my own."

But then again, I learned from the best! My dad is awesome, he always did the same! He was at almost every soccer game. And if he was ever not at one of them, it was because he was at Cutter´s soccer game, or at Chloe´s gymnastics meet, or at Lucy´s soccer game, or coaching Clayton´s soccer/baseball game. My dad is solid as a rock (except for his knee...he hurt that thing again today). I love him so much! I´m so grateful for all the time and effort he put into my life growing up, for all he taught me-through lectures and even more through actions. He taught me the gospel in a way I will never forget it, and never doubt it. He taught me how to treat my future wife and kids, and how to love them. And that is the best attribute I think anyone can learn from their father! And he taught me so much more! I was watching a Father´s day video the church put out this week(I can´t stinking find it right now) But one of the guys said something on the lines of this, "When I see my Heavenly Father, I feel like I will already know him, because of my dad". 
I love you so much dad!!

It is so special for me to know that one day, I will share the name to my kids as we all do to our Heavenly Father. I invite all you men out there to strive to be the best you can be so you can hold that name with honor and pride. 
Here is a quote I like a lot (It is also in the link attached):
"Of all the titles of respect and honor and admiration that are given to deity, He asked us to address Him as Father."

Happy Father´s Day Everyone!
Elder Zaugg

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