Monday, March 7, 2016

Elder Texeira.....1884.70 miles walked in Paraguay

This week was a great week, mainly because we had Stake Conference! Elder Texeira came from the 70, and wow, it was such an amazing talk. He talked about repentance and the 3 things we need to change in order to completely repent. First, our thoughts. Second, our beliefs. And third, our actions. First, we need to change our thoughts for the best, or that we don't want to do that sin again. When he talked about beliefs, he used the example of our friends our peers. When someone asks us to "sin" again, we say no. We believe it isn't right and are not going to do it. And 3, our actions. We have to leave the sin in the past, and never return to do it again! This is what leads to true repentance. He talked for 45 minutes and nobody was bored haha. I was talking to Hermana McMullin after and she said, "It is very rare to hear a talk about repentance that is uplifting and joyful!" And i said it was so true, and it made me feel like he was recruiting me to join a club or something! haha It was awesome.

Oh and remember the asentimiento I told you all about last week? This week we were told that they were given a 10 day notice to be out until the police come and clear them out! Hate to say I saw that coming.

Today, we went to the FIFA confederation of South America museum! It was super cool to see all the history, plus, there were so many of goal highlights of the COPA Americas and World cup victories, i was nearly in heaven haha. 
We have transfers tomorrow! I'll let you know what happens next week!

Elder Zaugg

Step Stats
109,139 steps and 59.6 miles 

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