Monday, February 29, 2016

Lets be nice to the servants of the Lord....Please 1825.1 miles walked in Paraguay

Hey friends and fam! It was an interesting week over here in San Lorenzo. Let us begin with the proclamation against the missionaries. Ha. Ok so in my area, there are some "asentamientos" or like, small areas of land were a bunch of people come to live. They live on someone else property, so its illegal but unless the owners say anything, the cops dont do anything. Anyways, its really dangerous for them! We have already seen one, with about 100 families get cleared. The police take everything and they are left with nothing. Its super sad, but logical bc, well, its illegal to be there. Its sad bc a lot of people live there bc they dont have money to pay for a rent on a house or things like that. Anyways, there are a lot of less actives that live in these places. And we visited one, who called us over a couple weeks ago. And she told us we cant come into this asentamiento anymore. The leader told the people to throw rocks at us if we pass through. So, we dont go by anymore. It is really sad, bc they are really rejecting servants of God. It makes me think of the Book of Mormon and the stories in it. When the people are not obeying the commandments, they throw out the prophets and righteous people. And what happens next? They die or get led into captivity. I couldnt help but think the police may be coming to this place sometime soon...

Anyways, on a brighter note. Its sunny today. Thats bright, right? Oh and we didnt really lose power that much this week! The recent convert that was baptized about a month ago has gone to the temple twice in the last two weeks and loves it. We had a conference with Elder Bednar last week and he said that recent converts who go to the temple to do work for the ancestors have a testimony so strong as they help their relatives. I know the temple is a very important part of this gospel. I challenge you all to make it out to the temple this week, even if it is to just walk around. You will feel the spirit of God and the peace it brings is incredible! 

On another note, Elder Bednar is absolutely hilarious. If I had a couple video links of his discussion, I would send it because we were laughing so hard at times!
Sorry my email is all over the place, Ill do better some other week!
Love you all,

Elder Zaugg

Step Stats
105238 steps and 57.3 miles
since I didn't get any pictures.....

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