Monday, February 8, 2016

Grandma Power......1667.6 miles walked in Paraguay ..32 weeks

hey fammmm! Whats up! So this week was sick, found a bunch of new investigators and am really loving it in this area! We are going bowling this week, so I don`t have a lot of time! But I wanted to share a funny story.

We were contacting one day, (well, every day....) and 3 kids came out and and then went to get their grandma. Next thing we know, their grandma is kicking them, pushing them, and hitting their arms to make them come out and talk to us. She was commanding them to listen to us and learn from the bible that we were going to read. We shared the commandment, Honor your father and mother, (kind of ironic) and the grandma was praising the words we were saying. It was soooo funny. I was laughing super hard honestly. 

Also, our house flooded this week. That was fun. And, I am really clumsy. I fell super hard while we were walking and now my hip is a little black and blue. All hard work and good bruises here on the mission.

Love you all!

Elder Zaugg

Step Stats:
112436 steps and 61.6 miles

Below are scripture cases out of leather that a man in Paraguay makes.  Brody designed them.  One for himself and one for his brother Clayton!  So cool!!!

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