Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Trials bring blessings

What a week. Pedro was baptized this Saturday. What a miracle. This man is so strong in the gospel. 1 week ago, his father told him he didnt want him to get baptized. He respects his father a lot. They live super far a apart, but he had just gone to visit him. So, he asked to postpone his baptism. We asked him to read, pray, and come to church the next day. He showed up for sacrament meeting (the last hour) and told us he decided he wanted to get baptized. We were stoked, but hesitant. We thought he might have made the decision to please us. We went to visit him on Tuesday and spoke about baptism. He was so sure. He had ready Ether chapter 12 and it touched his heart and made him cry. At that moment he decided to be baptized. One problem, we still had not taught tithing. We were worried that might be a speed bump, but he accepted it wilfullingly. Just yesterday we went and visited him. He said he had been reading the tithing pamphlet and he recognized one trial he was given. His sister called him asking for money bc she broke her arm and cant work. So he had the decision to giver her money, or pay tithing. He said, "How can I expect to help other people if I dont give to God first? I know that if i pay my tithing, it will triple and I will be able to help her as well." He truly understands the concept of obedience and blessings. When we obey any commandment, we obligate God to give us blessings. (D&C 82:3). As if he needed another trial....the thursday before his ex-girlfriend called from Brasil-BRAZIL-and said, "I hear you are living alone again...I wanted to come visit you this weekend. Can I stay with you?" You are kidding me...........Well he told her she couldnt stay with him. He didnt want to make her mad, but he did it anyways and he was able to get baptized and confirmed!!

After the baptism, we went to Hno Flores's house and had a huge asado. It was so good. The breanch president, 2nd counselor and his family, Pedro, and Marcelo came. They were all so happy and enjoying themselves. Pedro told us yesterday: "Look at us on Saturday. We had so much fun and we only drank soda-not even a sip of beer!" Marcelo is super excited for his baptism this Saturday. After, he is going to have an asado at his house. We are stoked.

During the asado, Hno Flores said something I loved:

"In this church, there is no retirement."

I love that so much. There is always work to do in the work of the Lord. He always needs our help-whether it be feeding the homeless, taking dinner to a family expecting a baby, home teaching, preaching the gospel, serving in a calling, etc. Christ will always need our help. I know that when we obey the comandments, he blesses us. When we serve him, he blesses us. When we look to do more in his work, he gives us more. As we first search for Christ, the blessings pour down on us like the rain pours down here in Paraguay.

Love you all!

Elder Zaugg

1-3-Enrique's baptism-his brother baptized him! Only members in the family. Antonio is the brother and my homie here
3&4-Pedro's baptism. Presidente Fermin baptised him. That was awesome. We forgot to tell him to bring a towell....we were dying of laughter that whole night.
6-went to the temple today and met up with elder parada!
7-went to Smuchi'ssssss

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