Friday, January 27, 2017

They changed what???

Its been quite the week! A highlight of the week would definitely be the worldwide missionary conference we had on Wednesday! Again, the topic was Teach Repentance, Baptize Converts.

Here are some bullet points I took away that I think are super beneficial

  • D-T-S-T-E-D (do the simple things every day)
  • Just Do it! (that which is right)-we won't always know if something is personal revelation. sometimes, we just need to act on faith and do what is right. We may never know that it was revelation!
  • The book of mormon is still, and will ALWAYS be the key to tru conversion-for those investigating and those already members
  • I was called to Paraguay to establish the church. One thing that was mentioned was that the real "establish the church" part comes after the mission to those who continue faithfully
  • Even the apostles don't have all the scriptures memorized. Elder Anderson was trying to remember one and says, "I believe it is in Matthew 10:32" but you could tell he was leaping! I love that it shows they are real people too!
  • Matt 10:32-I should feel enormous success here in the mission. It doesn't matter if baptisms come or not. Those who confess the name of Christ in this world, Christ will confess our name unto the Father in the day of judgement and we will have success
  • A testimony is not just "words that we know". No, a testimony is representing Christ in all that we do and say. It is living His gospel. It is sharing his love. It is testifying that he lives in all times, all things, and all places
So those are some of the great points I took away. Another huge announcement was the change to the mission schedule! Wow. It could not have come at better time for Cutter! haha The mission schedule is now way more flexible, allowing missionaries to choose when they do certain "requirements" of the day. I say requirements because they are the things the First Presidency has asked that we include in our day.

Sister Oscarson said, "I love this new schedule because it shows that He [Christ] trusts them [missionaries]". That hit me huge. This new schedule does not come from the missionary department. It comes from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He trusts 18 year olds to carry out his work and showed us of his trust with this change. 

I know my Savior lives. This week I learned that some points in our life, we have to rely on faith. The future is unknown to us. We may have plans and goals, but everything can change so quickly. At first, we may want to react super fast, but when we take a moment to slow down and look at the bigger picture, we may have a better idea how to act. But the most important thing is to trust in him. He knows best and knows what will help us grow. Some times, we have to take a leap of faith and hope for the best. 

Love you all!
Elder Zaugg

Perla came down to Asuncion and visited! I love her and her family!!! Good old PJC memories. 
Thanks for the awesome art cards. I translated the backs and we are using them as really sophisticated contacting cards! haha It works pretty well here in the rich part of Asuncion!
Elder Parada is leaving the office! it was a sad last pday! 

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