Sunday, July 3, 2016


Hey everyone! Its been a pretty normal week! Other than the fact that I had an audit and we got a new mission president!!....It has been superrrrr busy! haha 

On Tuesday, the mission had an audit-luckily, I passed! These past couple weeks, we have been super nervous for the audit. I knew who would be coming so I looked up his picture on the email and was like, "oh man, this guy is going to be super rough": Then he walks in the door on Tuesday and hes about 10 years older than his picture and shorter than I imagined and the nicest guy ever!!! He was awesome and super helpful! Plus, he informed us about the COPA game....can´t believe Messi missed his PK ha. Anyways, who would have thought the mission would have taught me how to go through an audit!

Then, Friday came along. That morning, President was sitting up front at the secretary´s computer when the assistants walked in and Elder Bickley said, "Hey President Evans! Oh uhhhh President McMullin". Yeah that started the day off great. Then 5 minutes later, Pres. McMullin found out he was locked out of his church access sites...another blow to the gut! haha At 12 we went to the airport to get Pres. Evans...we waited 2 hours because they were the last ones off their plane and through migrations haha Good news is we contacted basically everyone in the airport! That night, we had a nice dinner with them and listened to Pres. and Sis McMullins share their testimony for the last time in Paraguay. (Not ashamed to say we all shed a few tears) And, that night, Elder Hunsaker and I took them to the airport at 11pm! And just like that, they were headed back to the states. 

Really, its been some crazy changes. But, I know that the work will go on! That´s the great thing about the church, it doesn´t depend on just one person. Once someone has completed their mission or time in that calling, the Lord calls the next person to take the place and continue the work!
88 And whoso receiveth you, there I will be also, for I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up.

I can´t imagine having to take up the position of mission president. But, this scripture gives me the faith to know that God will not leave us out to dry, but that He will send his spirit and angels to our help to bear us up in our callings. He will qualify those who He calls, no question about it. I already know President Evans is going to do a fantastic job as he listens to the Holy Ghost for guidance and will move the work forward here in Paraguay. 

Elder Zaugg

1.flia mcmulling in the airport saying goodbye!
2.the new crew
3.some people we met in the airport! 
4. Elder Parada and I here in the office hit 1 year yesterday, the day we got a new mission president!

President McMullin without his nametag

President McMullin and President Evans with Bryant McMullin in the front

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