Sunday, August 14, 2016


Another great and interesting week in the office because of changes! We had special changes for missionaries that had to get home to go to school, and then have normal changes in 2 weeks! So that always makes the office crazy. All the pics are of us waiting for the missionaries to get out of the temple, so we decided to take a photo shoot of the office elders+APs. We had a good time haha. Pretty sad because it looks like the group will get split up in a couple weeks as Elder Ticeran will probably leave the office for a change before he goes home! He is such an awesome Peruvian! After the temple we went to Paulistas. Man that is such great food:)

On Wednesday though, we had the highlight of the week as we had a lesson with "M" at President Evans house! We watched Joseph Smith, the Prophet of the Restoration. The spirit was ever present and so strong. It was awesome to hear from "M" that he knows the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet. Like him, I know that Joseph Smith is the profeta of the restoration of the gospel. I don't have any doubt and the Holy Ghost confirms it to me each and every time I watch or read something about the First Vision. He truly did see God the Father and His son, Jesus Christ. 

Sorry its such a short letter this week,
love you all!
elder zaugg

So I hear the premier league is up and at it again... #chelsea


So Pokemon Go just made it to Paraguay last week. Its like the big thing here too. All the churches are like Poke centers or whatever so as we were taking a pic at the temple, someone happened to be catching a pokemon....

(it is actually Travis, President Evan's son..)
My companion, Elder Hunsaker
 The squad!

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